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    Originally posted by rklepper:
    Oh man!!! I've been playing ALL DAY on the Paris mission and no luck! I just got done flying the entire mission in one swoop, no crashing, no restarts, etc. I shot down 11 planes, destroyed 211 ground targets, & sank the 3 boats, all in 17:31. Still no medal!!!

    I just don't see how I could do it any faster. I shoot down fighters in between destroying the tanks heading for the Arch de Triumphe, and shoot down a couple more after destroying the AA on the Eiffel Tower. I end up shooting down about 5 of the replacement German squadron and it's says I've completed the mission.

    I'm at a loss here guys, done everything I know to do. Any help would be greatly appreciated as my wife is really tired of hearing that hillbilly Joe talking **** all the time...lol!
    I think this guy deserves a medal for putting so much effort in to it
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    Lol! Well I do appreciate that sentiment. Thanks LGorrit.

    Just did it again in 14:14 but only got 7 planes and didn't sink the generals boats, I killed him before he ever got to them to save time.

    So Rock, when you aced this do you remember if you destroyed the Generals boats or did you kill him before he got to them? I figure that 2 mins they give you to kill him is wasted since he doesn't get to his boats till there is less than 50 secs left, at best it could only be done in 1:30 so I just kill him right away and save that time. But maybe ya gotta sink those boats to get Ace.

    Oh well, back at it!!!
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    Well, I tried a couple more times, once I did 10/10, 212/200,& 3/3 (planes shot down/minimum requirement, # of ground targets destroyed/minimum requirement, & # of ships or boats destroyd/minimum requirement) all in 15:32 but was still only Elite.

    Then I did it as fast as I could and got 10/10, 211/200, & 0/3 (I didn't go for the boats to save time, killed the escaping General before he ever got to the boats) and finished in 13:29 and still no medal!!!!!!

    Somebody PLEASE help me out here! I don't see where I can shave any time off anywhere.

    Thanks and Keep 'em Flying!!!
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    it would help me if someone posted the ace time shown at the end of the level. Also, it works like this for me, i never got a medal with ace time good and kill count bad, but I have got a medal with ace time bad, kill count good(meeting required # or better). To me this suggests the game remembers my ace time, but not my ace kill count. My conclusion, ace time limit met on completing mission needed FIRST. Then, targets destroyed number met/exceeded on LATER attempt. I honestly dont know the actual factors involved in awarding the ace, but i do know in my game if the time had been met on a previous run, it awarded the medal to me on a later run when i did other stuff right.

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    I agree with your assesment on getting Ace UCB. I too have noticed that, on some missions, I got Ace from destroying more targets than the minimum but not meeting the Ace time.

    For the Paris mission the Ace time is 13:00. From the beginning of the mission, you get 12 mins to finish everything up to and including destroying the AA guns on the Eiffel Tower. Then you are given 2 mins to kill the escaping German General, then 5 mins to destroy the German replacement squadron.

    I think there are 10 aircraft in that replacement squadron and I think that between you and your wingmen you have to down them all.
    I have also noticed though, that after you destroy the AA guns on the Tower that there are German aircraft around, 4 I think, (if your wingmen have not shot them down) and the clock disappears and you apparently get "free" time to shoot them down. It seems to me that when I have shot all 4 down, (not my wingmen but me) when the replacement squadron appears there are 4 less planes, or a total of 6. I'm not sure about that, just seems like thats what happens.

    So anyway, I have completed the 1st part of the mission in 9 mins, and then I kill the General before he even gets in the boats so as to save time (I kill him with 1:30 or more left on the clock). This makes a total of roughly 10:30 which would leave 2:30 to shoot down the replacement squadron.

    As I said before, you are given 5 mins to destroy the squadron but I think, through playing this mission numerous times, that you must be responsible for shooting down 10 aircraft throughout the entire mission for it to end successfully. I say this because sometimes I have only shot down 4 or 5 of the replacement squadron but it said "Mission Accomplished" and other times I might shoot down 7 or 8 but it says "Objective Failed".
    Who knows?!?! >>>(Please see last paragraph)

    So what I'm getting at is I can get through the 1st 2 parts of the mission pretty fast but not shoot down any aircraft in between, then when I get to the final part I must shoot down all 10 of the replacement squadron for the mission to be successful and there's just no way I can do that in 2:30!

    On the other hand I can shoot down some planes in between, like before destroying the tanks heading for the Arch D'Triumphe (sp?) and while destroying ground targets around the Eiffel Tower, but then my time suffers.

    >>> That isn't correct because I have completed the mission successfully but only shot down 7 aircraft total. I did it in 13:29 that time (it's in a earlier post) but didn't get the medal.
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    Hello Blazing Angels Gamers out there.

    My name is Bastian and I am from Germany.
    So if my english has some misstakes, I am already sorry for that fact.

    So here is my Problem.
    I try to get the medal of the paris mission.
    But I am not able to shot down enough ground targets TzO reach the 200 which are mandetory.
    Allways when I shoot down a saveral number of targets, the game erases the rest.
    So I always get a result of 192-195 targets at the end of the mission. This is not enough for the medal.
    I know that there are people out there which are able to shoot down more than 200 targets at this paris mission.

    Please explain me what I have to do to be that good.

    THX 1000 times,

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    okay I am running into problems with this part of the campaign. I have read everything I can and I get the ace and all that. However, I can not get that far as I can not seem to script it to get through it. The game always ends with we are to late. I destroy the first set of tanks, then go after the area directly around the tower. I don't get past that phase. It seems I can not destroy the ground targets fast enough and I get distracted by the enemy fighters that come in to shoot me down. If I go after them, then I lose time for the ground targets and my group of pilots are not worth much help at all. So can some one supply with the basics so I can at least get through this thing. -- Thanks Don
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    ooh la la, finally paris was mine

    That mission was a bigger pain in the rear than the Secret mission through the ice. It took me a gazillion tries, and I finally got the ace. But I got it through a non-stellar score. 14 planes, 197 ground targets, 3 boats. 18 minutes even. That was NOT my best time. My best time was 16:53, but I could never get enough ground targets, and not always enough planes.

    I tried a bunch of things in the process. I tried nailing the general before he gets in the boats but never could. All that resulted in was me being unable to shoot enough planes. I tried driving the plane straight up into the sky, coming down and picking off targets like some guy on youtube, but I never had the control to do it and always ended up hitting buildings.

    Here's what did it for me.
    1) Use a German Plane. I'm sorry I don't remember the name of it, it is a long-nosed aircraft. From the recommended plane, move seven to the left. That's your guy. Run it through some arcade missions to improve the firepower/speed, whatever it gives you. It is not the fastest plane in the arsenal, but it is the "right" speed for this thing. I tried the P38 after "arcading" it, and it was much faster, but not more effective. I had a lot of reluctance in using a German plane. I wanted to do it with a US plane or an English plane, but just could not get it done that way. When I decided to make that change, my times improved from maybe 25 minutes to 23, so I knew I was on the right track.
    2) Move that plane out as soon as the mission starts. Hustle to the first checkpoint, because the clock is ticking.
    3) It is essential to get all the tanks on that first mission on the first run. If you blow it, fly into a building. It won't hurt your time, you'll just restart the clock at that beginning point, so just keep it up until you get all tanks in one pass. Come in from high above, slow it down, pick your shots.
    4) Accuracy is key. Key, key, key, key, key. You can't be having these passes where you miss your spot or can't figure out where you are, or hit no targets. A lot of people are good at using the camera angle thing, I stink at it. You'll learn the lay of the land.
    5) As soon as you are done with the tanks, off to the Eiffel tower. But you are just passing through. There are two solitary targets right in front of the tower, between the river and the tower. Get those two. It will save you a run later on.
    6) Continue past the tower to the river targets that are nearby. Get up high, but don't stay up long. Descend, take out the solitary target. Accuracy is key key key key key. Take out as much of the first grouping along the river as you can, fire some shots at the next one, back in the air. On the return pass, it is very helpful to take out the rest of the riverfront targets, starting with three solitary targets. Accuracy. Back up in the air, turn, and return. There are two or three targets tucked away in within the buildings. See if you can get them on this pass if not a few others. Allied troops are heading your way. Turn and return. Take shots at the street. If you've done a good job so far, this COULD be your last pass. Accuracy. As soon as the area turns green, beat it for the tower.
    7) similar to last time, but stay on the opposite side of the river from the tower. There are three solitary targets on the left side. If you can take out all three on this one pass, awesome. if not, get what you can get. This will save you contortions later on. Continue on this side of the river, because now the giant park area is showing all the enemy ground troops.
    8) Take out the river front emplacements first. You can get one, maybe two on this first pass. Turn and return to pick up the rest on the river. From that point, a couple of back and forth passes parallel with the river will do it - IF YOU ARE ACCURATE. At some point, while you are hear, tanks will go after the arch a second time. You have a little more time than you think you do. If you can finish off the giant park before going after the tanks, awesome, if not, do what you have to do. You can take out the tanks in one pass, but if you have to take a second pass you have to take a second pass. FInish up and head to the tower, because you are starting to run out of time.
    9) Take passes toward the side of the river opposite the tower. two, maybe three passes will do it if you are accurate. Cross the river, go under the tower, nail everything in site. Take out targets on the sides of the tower and very soon remaining ground targets will disappear and you'll have only the targets on the tower to contend with. I had a hard time getting this done in less than maybe four passes. Might be better to go up real high and come down on it, but I didn't have to do that.
    10) Any time an enemy plane drops in on you, push the bottom end of that controller plus sign button to get "Tom" to give you cover. Do it whenever you feel the need. He whines a lot, but he'll cover you and keep you clear. YOU need to get the shots in, so don't be asking frank or whatever his name is to take them all out. Once you've completed the tower, off to the remaining bridge site.
    11) Here, you'll come in on the backside of it, and try to take out river side targets. Turn and return, finish up as much of that as you can. When you've taken out enough targets, do a run down the street where all those trucks or tanks or whatever they are are sitting. Come around and hit the solitary targets tucked into buildings and any other stragglers, but leave the big emplacements. If you take those out, the area will be captured earlier, and you'll lose out on ground targets. Finish up with larger emplacements on the river side.
    12) Now you go after the general. Well, actually, knock off three or four enemy planes while you wait for him to get to the river. when there's about a minute left, make sure you have your bearings so you can come right in on those boats at 30 seconds (or close to it) to reach that checkpoint.
    13) All planes turn red, more planes added. Ideally you've knocked three or four out of the sky. Take out planes as fast as you can. When you get to ten total, you can ask frank for help I guess but I never did.

    I can't answer why some people get the ace and some don't for various results. It may have something to do with accuracy and speed in combination, because my accuracy had to be pretty impressive to get it done in 18 minutes. That was frustrating beyond belief, man. This was the first time I got more than 196 ground targets (197), and coupled with 14 planes and the time of 18 minutes, I guess that was enough to do it.
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