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    Great job again SS
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    If your satisfied with the simple PDF files with the following maps
    Kill House
    Three Kings Casino
    Oil Refinery
    Convention Center
    Import Export
    Vegas Junkyard
    Cqb Training

    You can head here and download all of the above

    Edit: By the way, your work is brilliant, real good looking map overviews indeed
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    any new maps?
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    not yet, but hoping to get back to work on them next week.
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    Hi, where can I d/l the maps?
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    THey're posted in this thread. Start on page 1.
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    Thanx to the fan-pack you guy's have again work to do... Calypso Casino
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    Very nice work.
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    the top spawn has an extra little alleyway it should be open....still cool tho
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    THanks guys, but probly wont be doing any more Vegas maps,...
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