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    Hi, yesterday i played the game normaly. Today i cant login multiplayer. I even reinstall my game and keep cant login multiplayer. Is that only me or is it general?
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    it's general.... why can't we login?? please dont say they shut down the MP support
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    Hi judge, its me sargento_gamito. Add me on facebook in Nuno Gamito (nunodgamito@hotmail.com). Will we be out of play till when?? I just can play lan, not multiplayer
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    Ubi-MoshiMoshi's Avatar Community Representative
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    Hi guys, please contact support, the link is in my signature.
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    25th december, same problem again. Masterservers are down, we cant loggin to internet lobby.

    Ubisoft and techland sucks !!!
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    @ mcbrocks70

    I'm right there with you...

    @ Ubi-Mush

    CoJ:BiB and Support.... nice joke mate
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    Originally posted by Ubi-Mush:
    Hi guys, please contact support, the link is in my signature.
    THEY NEVER ANSWER to US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Still... I can't login to multiplayer. Any solution SUPPORT? Fix it, please.
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    WTF??? I can't login for the third day in a row!!! Is the server shut down permanently or what???
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    I wrote them to their noobish tech support and the robot named Jameson said:

    Discussion Thread
    Response Via Email (Jason) 12/28/2011 18:12

    Please follow these instructions to troubleshoot what exactly is causing your connection issue:

    - Please make sure that you are entering the key exactly as it appears, including the dashes. Also, note that after the first 3 characters in the CD key, there will not be any ‘I’, ‘O’, ‘S’, or ‘Z’ alphabetical characters.

    - Please make sure that you have all of the available patches for the game installed. You can download patches for all Ubisoft games from our website at http://support.ubi.com in the game patches section.

    - If you are using Windows XP, please make sure that the default firewall is disabled. (Please refer to your Windows XP documentation on how to disable this feature). If you have any other type of firewall software installed, please make sure that it is configured to allow access for the game that you are playing, or disabled. Mcafee Personal Firewall and Norton Firewall are the exceptions, if you have either of these software packages installed, then will need to be completely uninstalled before running the game.

    - If you have a router in your home network, please make sure that you have the latest firmware installed for that device. Your router manufacturer should be able to help you complete this update.

    - In addition, the following ports will need to be open in your router or any firewall software you may be running:

    27632, 32500 TCP & UDP

    Also, please note that placing the computer into the "DMZ" via your router's configuration will not solve this problem; you MUST manually configure these port settings.

    If you are unsure of how ports work then best course of action would be to contact your system administrator or ISP for more information.

    Such a useless answer as usual! I played this game 2-3 years and my ports and everything are fine as everyone's! They just shut down the master server to economy on us! Idiots, even don't want to spend another 50 bucks to maintain their server.
    I suggested them that I ill maintain it fro free by myself but they never answer properly!
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