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    I just noticed that on the new website under the "Community" tab that there's some artwork showing a type IX submarine. As we all know that only type VII u-boats will be in the game, so it seems like the developers are just teasing us with stuff like that. Why show artwork for something that isn't even going to be in the game? Here's the link so you can look upon the artwork with dismay and anger: http://silent-hunter.uk.ubi.co...nt-hunter-5/news.php
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    Hahaha good find! Ubi, you bunch of amateurs!
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    Don't forget about the 88cm deck gun !
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    Originally posted by sgtmonkeynads:
    Don't forget about the 88cm deck gun !
    If you mean the 8 POINT 8 (8.8) cm gun, than you don't need to worry about that. Those are in the game. The 10.5 cm gun and the type IX u-boats, however, will not.
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    says fast firing 88cm gun...thats, what,34 inch diameter ? Recoil would be a bit mutch!
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    OMG! I just realized. It SAYS 88 cm! Wow, and i thought that the devs want ed to focus on "realism". I guess I was wrong. So we're gonna have u-boats with deck guns that have a larger caliber than the German railway guns, huh. We'll... this will be... interesting... :S
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    "Internet connection required" should be stated before any system requirements. Without a 24/7 internet connection everything else is null and void...
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    Well, I just noticed this: There's another type IX artwork in the game info tab. Seeing that type IX above "all 4" of the game's submarines just makes me sad.
    Here's the link: http://silent-hunter.uk.ubi.co...5/playable-ships.php
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    WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?? I can play ONLY the Type VII ????? This is a lack of RESPECT for the sub fans ! SHAME UBI !!! <span class="ev_code_RED">Comment Deleted</span>
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