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    If these have been answered somewhere else, i apoligize, as i couldnt find them.

    1. What does the ability that makes riflemen better aganist garrisoned infantry exactly do? I thought i read somewhere they storm the buliding or something, and if they do, do they always win? im not sure how this works.

    2. Engineers. I know the drone costs one cp to use. My question:does the mine cost any cp and if so how much?

    3.Arty chemical shells (Russia) what exactly do they do? Are they better?

    4.Dealing with the arty, the rifleman upgrade for directing arty, what does that do exactly?

    Thanks in advance.
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    1. yea that ability allows a rifle to cqb a building with enemy inf in it and they will kill the guys inside. they can be taken out during there rush up there by other enemy namely arty/air.

    2.no cost for the mines, just an ability timer after use.

    3.same as any other secondary ability takes down a bar or 2 of enemy health instantly.

    4.allows the rifle to direct the artys secondary fire onto a unit anywhere on the map.
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    1) From what i heard they always win if they can get to the door.
    2) No
    3) Same as everyone else except it doesn't have an obvious visual add on to the artillery so you don't know if we have them or not, also chemical shells look no different from normal so they won't know what hit them.
    4) Haven't got it and i think it was answered in the FAQ
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    oh, number 4 was in the faq. I get it now.

    Thanks for the replies.
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