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    i've been playing the sands of time for a while and i still have yet to defeat the king in thrown room.
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    So what's stopping you ?
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    in the vision it shows him jumping over the king to defeat him however i get hurt each time and i've even tried all the special dagger powers and none of them work on the king.
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    Killing him is easy. He keeps blocking a lot so only time you can attack him is when he tries to hit you. You can also lead him down the water fountain area at the end of the chamber so he is stuck a level down by a few feet below you and you can attack him from a bit up. Just attack him when he raises his sword to attack and a few blows does the trick.
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    thanks for the help but now i am 81% of the way through the game and on an elevator fighting enemies which seem to be reancarnating. is there a special way to defeat them?
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    Originally posted by silent_snipers:
    thanks for the help but now i am 81% of the way through the game and on an elevator fighting enemies which seem to be reancarnating. is there a special way to defeat them?
    Oi. Thats the toughest fight scene of all 5 Ubisoft PoP games. I doubt anyone made it through without dying 10-20 times. But I think I have it figured out so as to speak which should work 90%.

    The fight is in 3 stages:

    1] When the heavy new red soldiers come with their stone hammers.

    2] When they phase out and all the tough blocking blue soldiers take over.

    3] When the blue soldiers start getting mixed with the sledgehammer reddies towards end again. This is a sign that you are close to ending the fight. Just more patience needed in this phase as only some blues will be left to deal with soon. If you make it till here you only need to hang in.

    Ok here's the drill. Play this fight when fresh. If you like die 5-6 times and are getting increasingly frustrated, switch off. Don't feel panic when fighting. Be cool and observe around and you should do well. The key is to stay healthy so you won't die easier and so lots of patience is needed in this fight. Just stay cool and focused and don't go all attacking all the time and you should be fine [especially after the blues show up]. So in a nutshell - Lots of blocking, rewinding and patience. The fingers will feel numb after all.

    To start - When the reddies first start attacking vault attack and vault attack. When enemies are down use dagger to claim sands. 8/10 times enemies don't attack when You are doing this unless you are closely surrounded. You need to claim as many as possible to win this. Never stay in one place when surrounded by the reds. They can attack your legs from behind and make you fall. Important not to let anyone aim for your legs [from behind mostly]. When blues start closing lure them to a wall while blocking. Block block till you are backed to a wall and then jump slash the blues to knock them down. You need to press onward to wall and jump key to trigger a wall rebound that knocks them over. They are the toughest so claim them with dagger when they are knocked over at all costs unless a formation prevents you. Remember - Never vault attack the blues. They are trained to block that and knock you down. If you need breathing space crawl up the broad side railings adjoining the steps and fountain. Blues don't follow and climb up. Reds do but you can vault attack them easily. Keep an eye on Farah. If she gets killed it's game out. She has a nasty habit of dying when you are winning and in this fight players tend to feel overwhelmed by the tight area and forget all about her until too late. If she is in trouble, keep blocking and move upside and attack her attacker. But don't stay there beyond this and fight there. The closed space will allow an ambush over you. Immediately after diverting her attackers attention to you start blocking and moving out into the open space below and lead them out. Blocking all the way out will keep you safe from closed in attack. Start blocking/wallbounding/pole vaulting again as per enemy. Just kill the blues one at a time and block when surrounded until you can press attack off a wall. You approach the fight with calm mind and with firm blocking defence and you should come out well and good. In the end handling the last bunch of 4-5 blue guys is easy. Don't rush them and just lead them against a wall with patience and pick them off one at a time. At times you get lucky and knock off 2 in a wallrebound. if you are on playstation and get all sand tanks full you can use the power of haste [much like ravages of fate in WW] where you can move at lightening speed and kill 10 of these guys without their moving. I never could figure out if this combo works in PC.

    Oh and if you lose too much health in an attack, don't hesitate to use rewinds freely. Every kill will refill the sand tanks so really don't hold back. More often than not people lose the game in end when patience runs out and they try to rush the blue guys to their peril or if they try to refill health from fountain which is waste of time since it makes you a sitting duck and all advantage is lost when attacked from back.

    Good luck.
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    When I won this fight finally like after tearing my hair out in dozen attempts, I only got through by staying calm and focused on enemies around me and around Farah from time to time. I came through the last quarter of the fight with barely 15% health and the last wave of blue ones with just a couple of strikes away from death. When I messed up I hit rewind and frantically got out of attack line when possible. Just blocking a lot got me through. When attack starts thinning out at end, you can try and drink water from fountain to refill health.
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    This discussion topic belongs in the forum Prince of Persia Legacy
    It is where other game players looking for help with Sands of Time will look.
    This forum is for the "newer" games (after the Two Thrones).
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    Can't an admin move the thread there?
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    sands of time needs an ubi.com account.i've created it but some internal error stopping to install the game
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