The school I graduated from,had a German/or Chemistry teacher(Ed Knipper,had his class 3 yr.).He was a very cool guy,as long as you could see through his facade.For the people who'd believe it,he had this great Grinch meets,Major Hochstetter(from "Hogans Heroe's) personna/facade that he perpetually portrayed(while in the classroom environment).
As an example,if you lay your head on the desk in class,he'd kick the bottom of the desktop as hard as possible-needless to say,few slept through German.

I'd been collecting Indian/Civil War/WW1/WW2?Korea/VN stuff as long as I can remember,so,I took some of my German pieces to him for translations(turns out,I've got party meeting badge for 9/33 in Karlshrue)anyway,this was the first time he dropped his 'teacher' facade and after translating my collectibles,he digs in this drawer back in his chemical room(If you went to a high school that had lab tables for the students,then the teacher is supposed to control all the chemicals in a different room).

Anyway,it's just the two of us and he grabs a stack of 8X10 B&W glossies out of this random drawer,and he kinda reluctantly said:"Well,since you like WW2,maybe you'll like these(he then turned away to act busy,but I could tell he was avoiding looking at the stack of 8X10 glossy B&W pics taken from the belly of a B-29 he piloted.
They were mostly BDA pics,but they managed to capture the bombs in all states of descent,from door open to impact.
I recently called him to ask if he knew a friend's relative,and learned info that may be of interest to skinners.

The plane flown by Edward Knipper( RUSTY DUSTY was at Guam for 2 months,then on to Saipan,doing a total of 28 missions(23 combat).Beginning Aug. 14 after 'ceasefire',til the surrender Sep.2,dropped food in 55gal. drums w/ chutes to POW camps that painted POW in the camp.

Anyone interested,I can call and get more info,if not pics.<div class="ev_tpc_signature">

Lyrics from Naked Raygun's "Rat Patrol".
"What we need to take control,we could use the Rat Patrol.What's that coming over the dune?...
Chasing the halftracks across the sandflats,got a nice pine box,for that desert fox,machine guns blaring,and Arabs staring wondering why,the Westerners are there.It's the same old story,and it'll happen again."