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    I was just info. about new drivers by a replay back from Daiichidoku. thanks. here is info he gave me. please as people use the new drivers let us all know how they are working out please.


    here is the nivida site


    here is the page with the 77.77 drivers on it for your 6800GT..assuming you are using windows XP, of course


    i just reformatted and forgot my cards updated drivers....i was wondering why it was SO slow and laggy...then i installed the 77.77 drivers and no problem
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    These appear to be the same drivers that have been leaked on Guru3D for a while now, and, AFAIK, they don't fix anything.
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    But do they work OK with FB/PF?

    I'm running the 71.84 version because anything newer seems to have issues with our little sim.

    I guess this is the question I have.
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    I just downloaded 77.30 and works fine....i will be downloading the 77.77 on my other machine which is a 64-bit system and try thatout.
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    Don't bother...same story. Perfect invisi-panels.
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    I spoke with the BFG tech today and they said that the 66.93's are the best for the 6800GT cards. The 7x.xx drivers are more for PCI cards and don't work well with AGP cards. He said that the drivers that they are working on now may be more AGP friendly.
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    Hi guys!

    I'm presently using 71.89 with my AGP8X 6800GT. Though all seems to be well, I'd be interested to hear more views on what's best for this card, especially after 9th_Spitin posted that info about 66.93 being better for AGP.

    If that's the general consensus, I may consider switching back to 66.93.

    Best regards to all,
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    Hmmm... I've got a 6600 agp and I definitely get better performance with the 77.72 than the 66.93s. Haven't tried the 77.77s yet.

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    Revision notes make no mention of curing the missing textures, nor do they list it as an open/unresolved issue.

    nVidia do not have a direct method of reporting driver issues, relying on developers and manufacturers to collate and present issues.

    We need to club together and contact our respective card makers and make them aware of the texture problems.

    Also it would be helpful if 1C:Maddox:

    a. acknowledge the issue
    b. advise nVidia accordingly

    In the meantime 66.93 is the best to use if you want perfect and do not have a 7 series card (7 series are stuck with 77.72 or later )
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    Forceshaders1x=1 resolved the issue in my case.
    I use also water=3 with 77.76 . Does look a bit like old IL2 but frames are nice, in fact very nice. I do get 85 fps in cockpit on the ground with my 6800 ultra (AGP)
    Just Dl 77.77, will test shortly!
    It is rather disapointing that the texture coruption with Nvidia cards has not been addresed so far. I do think is down to the developers reporting the issues to Nvidia but for that they have to read this forum threads. Rather that is too much trouble for them I do not know but it seems like it. Saying that it has been sorted in Silent Hunter 3, now particles are properly displayed with 77.77!
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