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    I am playing this game on PC. I am stuck and i need someone help to get out of this situation. Let me explain through this video


    In this video after the 5 min of play, Prince jump from rod to rod (I guess three rods) and cross the gate.

    Now after jumping from rods i am in the bolcony and gate is closed. I cant even come back or go forward (Saved game broght me here after prince died)

    Now I am stuck here and cant play game anymore.

    Any help plz...
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    thats easy. you need to go to the far end of the balcony. wall run and then hold onto the wood panel on the wall. jump onto the pillars and go to the other end of the wall and hang onto the wood panel. take it from there.
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    Prince of Persia The Forgotten Sands - Stuck at 'The Fortress Courtyard' - …

    Watch youtube its solved
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