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    Originally posted by gothkrieger:
    Are you still flying Il2?

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    21:00 UTC +1 Today, Saturday the 7th, is our weekly Division Meeting. All prospective members are welcome to attend. If you are not interested in the Division meeting showing up at about 21:45 UTC +1 will give you ample opportunity to meet up and join our members in several wargames:

    World of Tanks EU and US Server
    Red Orchestra Ostfront
    Company of Heroes

    Teamspeak Information

    Address 116.clants.net
    Port 4143
    Pass stug

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    Hey there guys, I am just popping in to say you should really consider joining the 116th. We are a good group of guys who enjoy kicking but as a group. Come on by and have some fun!

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    Hi fellow pilots!

    The 116th Panzer Division is looking for people who want to come and fly with us!

    At present we are still flying IL-2 1946 which you can get quite cheap from Steam.

    It doesn't matter if you're a veteran pilot or if it's the first time that you touch a stick: everyone is more than welcome!

    On given times we have some nice training sessions in which the content depends on your needs.
    This can thus range from basic take-off/landing over some intermediate navigation to more advanced gunnery sessions, bombing runs, formation flying, ... you name it.

    The trainings are being given by very experienced officers who know the ins and outs of the game.
    Our CO is even a former IL-2 World Champion!

    In addition, some of our members are also participating in Ghost Skies, an online Campaign for IL-2.

    Some general info about the 116th Panzer Division:
    - Beside IL-2 we deploy in multiple war games (Red Orchestra 2, World of Tanks, SWTOR, Company of Heroes, Battlefield 3, ...) This provides extreme fun since you can switch from game to game and play it with the same nice bunch of people.
    - We have our own TeamSpeak server which facilitates communication in all games.
    - Well structured clan with a nice promotion & medal system etc.

    The only thing we ask is that you act mature and friendly. To use the words of our clan leader:
    "We can always train skills but its hard to change someone with a poor personality.
    Each wargame will die eventually, but the wargamer in us never does"

    So have a look on our website and join our community!


    And in case of any questions, let me know.

    Happy flying,
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    We are still flying 1946 and CloD please come check us out!

    we are happy to take any pilots that wish to have a quality home to come fly!
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    Hello there fellow gamer

    My name is Drew

    116th is now recruiting mature, friendly and active players wiht no dependece on tiers. The 116th Panzer Division der Windhund is a multi-nationality gaming clan, and a war gaming clan first and foremost. We are over 400 men strong and growing, and have had regiments deployed in both the WoT NA and EU servers since the very beginning. We welcome both casual and competitive players. We are not looking for clanhoppers, we are looking for people who want to commit themselves to the clan in the long term. Although we are quite a big clan overall, our WoT regiment is a neat group of people from all walks of life who have become good friends over the past year, and we welcome every new recuit with open arms. In the 116th you can be yourself, as long as that doesn't mean being an *******. [b] We have no tier minimum as we know that one day u will grow and get the "good tanks" and we do not just want players with the best but know that players who we work wiht and watch learn and develop are ofter far more an accomplished player[b]

    Our motto is "To achieve our full potential as wargamers via training and teamwork"

    Except for World Of Tanks the 116th is also deployed in Red Orchestra 2, Company Of Heroes, IL2 Sturmovik, LOTRO, Battlefield 3 and SWTOR. We have our own high quality servers including a Teamspeak 3 server.

    On the World of Tanks side, we have for European players both a clan wars group and we will soon be a training group for new players or non clan wars players

    If you would like more information please reply to this and i will try my hardest to answer any questions.

    This is our homepage for more information

    Important for more information

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