How to download extra content........

Streets Map

From the games main menu....

Select ˜Extras'
Select ˜Exclusive Content
At this point and if you have not already done so you will be required to ˜link' your gamertag

Linking Your Gamertag...
To link your gamertag you will need your Forum username and password
When prompted provide this information, the server will then confirm your login details and link them to the gamertag you are playing online in at that time.

Once your gamertag is linked (or if already done) you will be able to view a download menu
From this select the map ˜Streets' which will then download to your game as normal.

Comcast Map

From the games main menu........

Select ˜Extras'
Select ˜Comcast Gift
At this point you will be prompted to input the code provided with the game

Input the code 'COMCAST FASTER' as requested and download the map