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    I'm on the second part of the mission, Pick of Destiny, when you chase the train.. I can make it through, shooting the car couplings until there is one car left and you need shoot Che..

    After I get to the front and shoot him. The screen goes black and down the bottom it says "Loading..."

    It never goes any farther..
    Has anybody else run into this??
    By chance, does anybody have a saved game just after this point?

    I tried it with or without the trainer running, same issue.

    i wish if someone have a savegame after this mission so he can put it here
    by the way the savegame position in windows Seven:

    mail me nayansshah@gmail.com
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    I have the exact same problem. Cant find a fix anywhere.

    I'd also love a saved game after that point. molexiuk AT hotmail.com

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    Same problem here, what's the fix I'm 8 hours in and now the game is stuck.
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    So unfortunately it is fixed for me, but I have no idea what fixed it. This is what I tried and it worked, I have no idea if any of this even mattered.

    Disabled steam in game community for this game.
    Rebooted my computer.
    Did 2 taxi mission before trying the mission again.
    Then it just worked and did not get stuck at the loading screen.
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    hmmm so it's mean you are not sure how you resolve this problem, does anyone has the problem and solve it?
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