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    It's gone here too.

    Using an 9800GTX on Win7 x64
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    I have a notebook with vista and GeForce 8400M G

    The newest driver doesn't remove the black box.

    Is there any easy solution?
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    I still have black box :/

    Using laptop Geforce GTX 260M V195.62
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    The new drivers doesn't work for me either, look at my previous post: *CLICK*
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    New drivers didnt works for me too..

    Just got a few problems and a 4 bit resolution 640x480... Anyway i had done a backup so i restored the old drivers..

    I have a nvidia 8400 M GS (256 mb).
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    running windows 7 and a 8600 no more black boxes ,gives me a game to play again till the y fixx the settlers 7 problem lol
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    new nvidia 196.71 driver removed black box on my laptop with a g force 9600 gt in.
    only prob i have now is getting the resolution off 800x600 and onto 1280x1024 any ideas anyone?
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    I get this error after the new driver..

    Software 3D: Error initializing Graphic Interface!

    Can't start the game at all anymore.
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    I've got the GeForce 8600M GT (notebook), and according to the information from Nvidia the 196.21 drivers don't support the 8M series for notebooks.

    The latest drivers for 8M series - 197.16 - don't help getting rid of the black squares at all.

    Does anyone know a driver for the 8M series that does remove the black squares???
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    I'll take that back. Didn't know that laptopvideo2go modded the drivers so that they are compatible with notebooks.

    So after installing the 196.21 drivers from laptopvideo2go IT FINALLY WORKS!!
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