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    The petition to release a SDK for GR:

    has reached 666 signatures. Clearly the desire for the SDK is strong within the community.

    I'm sure that all the parties in Ubi/RSE are aware of the petition. The question now is - will we get it, or not?

    Please, someone from Ubi/RSE tell us if we can expect the SDK, or any other tools, will be released, if so in what timeline.
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    I can't say yes or no to our request, but informal discussions with people who will remain nameless has said that the powers that be at RSE are aware of out request, but does not think we will get much if anything. He even gave me reasons as to why. I posted my comments on it at GR.net.
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    for whatever my opinion is worth i think this would be a good call for both UBI and RSE. RSE would once again be receiving the praise they deserve for being so cool. But how would it help UBI? well the community would be revived by the new wave of mods which would lead to more hype for GR3. plus let the fans make the GR2 that we deserve, i know there are a lot of skilled modders out there that can do the job right.
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    Don't get me wrong, I would like for RSE to be able to release some more of the tools that were used for GR1, The community would really love it and it would keep GR1 going, but as far as source code, I don't see it happening as it is the base for all past games and all present games. RSE tweaks it more and more for each version, especially since new DirectX code is implenented into it (I am guessing here, but I would have to say it to be true), not to mention newer graphics coding.

    Here's to hoping that we get something for our loyalty.
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    asking for an SDK IMO is way to late, this game is old now, seen many mods without an SDK and ubi/red strom are working on GR3. I dont think they will release the resources to create an SDK for GR.
    Maybe the petition should of been to include one with GR3?
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    The mod community begged for an SDK for GR when it was new. One was promised for RvS upon it's release. I think their track record speaks for itself.
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    wont happen, there no reason they have to give us a SDK. They made the game they own it and can keep it to themselfs if they want.

    would be nice thoe
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    I really wish that an offical answer, yes or no, would be given. Just for this one subject, can we get a straight answer?
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    ill answer for them, no.
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    I really wish that an offical answer, yes or no, would be given.
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