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    I bought this game for PC, why?

    Because i tried the demo, and it runs very good on PC, i noticed it was optmized and it wasnt a poor port from consoles.

    And i liked the demo so much , graphics are stunning i loose my self lookieng at the threes and the surroundings, water..... beatiful...

    gameplay is good and fun...

    So i bought it, and im loving it every second of it.

    The game contente is huge, im doing the NAVI campagain now... and i have 8 HR of game and still not finish the campagain.

    The missions are fun, the world is beautiful, is very fun to ride the banshees and other creatures, sound is great.... the levels are HUGE... lots of different ways to achieve the objective.

    I dont know why the reviews for this game were so low, really.

    I give an 8,9/10 to this game!

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    The game is beautiful, (PC version Win XP 32) but is being spoilt by:

    0) Pivotal audio cutscenes are being jumped (you press 'F' once very carefully) and the conversation is over before it has begun.

    It does not happen everytime, and it does not happen in the same place consistently.

    It does ruin the game completely.

    1) Always running, no chance to walk

    Hoping for a patch.
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    I am so frustrated. THIS GAME DOES NOT WORK. If you are reading this and contemplating buying this game then DO NOT. IT IS INCOMPLETE AND BUGGY. Ubisoft have released an unfinished game. When I called their tech suipport they told me that this game will not run on a i7 chip, which really is a lot of [edit]. This game is not running on many systems. I got it from Steam and have asked for a refund and they have never replied. For all you guys who are getting the same run araound let's organize and show our collective outrage at Ubisoft. They are so quick to take the money and then they deceive us. Post everywhere you can and stop people from buying the game. I stopped two people from buying it at Futureshop already (they were at the counter waiting to pay and I was there with other purchases. I told them about the bugs and they removed it from their purchases). Let's all take this action. It's the only way to stop this nonsense. The hours I have lost trying to follow the suggestions in the forums are lost forever. HOURS MAN. HOURS. GIVE ME MY MONEY BACK
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    really. "rant" lol but the only problem i am having bug wise is the game alt+tabs by itself sometimes and it always does it when i have alot of enemy's headed at me. i hope we get a patch soon for this and other problems you guys are having. one thing about MP is the Na'Vi are ridiculously OVER POWERED.
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    The Na'vi overpowered? The humans have the same friggin' speed as the three times as large Na'vi, thus makes the Na'vi also a bigger shooting target. The humans also have flamethrowers and grenade launchers, their strongest weapons in SP, but why don't have the Na'vi their crossbow? Besides, it's impossible to hit people with the bow, single it's so slow and everyone is running around. An aiming-help would be welcome. Also, why is that Wrath-spell totally useless? While the Airstrike of the humans always kills you in one shot. If you sum that up, you can see that the humans are way too overpowered!

    I see also a lot of people complaining about the fact that the Na'vi are too hard to kill, well, they are not if everyone spams their GL! And they also want a close-quarters weapon, well, the Na'vi are all about CQC (they only have their bow as ranged) and the RDA is for long range. If the maps were open and if their were options to flank, I would say ok, but the map that is most played (the daylight CTF) has a chokepoint where the humans can just stand as shoot their mags empty.

    My 5 cents.
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    After Hours spent trying to get this game to work, and finaly doing so, as soon as I set any kind of AntiAliasing in the game or through CCC, the game crashes Again!

    The game also chose Ultra High settings, i'm assuming because I have an exceptional gaming rig with the new ATI Radeon 5870 & the newest 9.11 drivers, updated as you told me to, but crashed on that setting too. Only seems to work on Medium with no AA, and let me tell you it looks ugly at that setting on a 1920x1080 monitor.

    So, is there a problem with those drivers? Is the game compatible with the 5870 cards? Does it not like Win7? Is the game not capable of any Antialiasing?

    Hope to hear from you soon. Big James Cameron's Avatar Fan Here! LOL!
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    you need to chill out. the Na'vi ARE OP and they NEED a NERF! with that said about the display settings. it does not matter how you do it AA does not work as it should "it does not work at all" it wont even save the AA settings when you set them in the options. and Mr UK guy can you please give us some info on the patch? like hows it coming aong? what can we expect to be fixed? what can we expect in the patch? will there be any new content added? please tell us something.

    i also agree there should be a option to toggle between run and walk.
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    Got this a couple of days ago and have been having fun. Played through the whole RDA campaign and the start of the Na'vi campaign up till the end of the torch level and I've noticed a few things.

    Firstly, the game likes to crash a lot. In particular around key plot points. I finish a task and instead of being greeted by a cutscene and some dialog the game crashes and I have to reload the game before I can move on, just like an ad break in a prime time TV show. Just before the end of the banshee taiming level, crash, just before I get my hands on a Dragon, crash, just before I get to choose plot paths, crash. Every time something significant comes up the game crashes. I load the game and pick up from the last autosave and it continues fine so it's not game breaking or anything, just annoying.

    Secondly, atmosphere.
    So far the Na'vi campaign got it right with some breath taking scenes in the banshee nest climb and the fight down. Nice scenery, contact from NPC's via radio, combat between Na'vi and RDA with one side actually winning. The RDA campaign was completely devoid of atmosphere, NPC's rarely spoke to me, the levels were closed in and limited which got a bit old after a while of nothing but jungle, battles usually consisted of immortal grunts that did next to no damage fighting a never ending tide of viperwolves and unless the player goes over and kills everything battles don't go anywhere. The RDA campaign could take a few pointers from the games demo, cutscenes and triggers like the Sturmbeast at the start, flying yourself to location, grunts joining you in a charge into the village, that sort of stuff. Things that make the game less sandboxy and more of an adventure.

    Thirdly, Weapons and effects.
    The shotgun and AMP Suit are prime examples of this with their sod all range, everything else feels fine but these two weapons are horrible. The AMP suit is an exceptional let down since it elevates you above the undergrowth so you can actually see things from further away, only for the player to find out it a range similar to what I could throw a ball, less even. The shotgun is also like this, you cunningly dodge a Hammerhead and spin rou... no wait, its already out of range. Last time I checked, shotguns had more than 4m range.

    The Flamer also falls into the underwhelming category. Since a health bar doesn't come up when I'm toasting the landscape I can't tell if the resulting firestorm actually hurts anything. It kills plants fast but so does the grenade launcher, and the grenade launcher can actually hurt non-plant life. I'd like to see the Flamer given some knockback effects, make it a defensive weapon against melee. Shotguns do high close range damage, flamers fend off melee attackers, a good role given the power and prevalence of melee around the place. You can't tell me that a Pandora critter wouldn't give pause when confronted with a face full of fire.

    Forth, Skills.
    There are a fair amount of skills in this game but I think, oddly enough, that it could actually do with less. From both a multiplayer and singleplayer perspective the Na'vi have way too many defensive skills. They have the same defensive skills as the RDA but they fit so much better into the gameplay, Kinetic dash means they get nice and close with minimal, if any, hits then they just pop the forcefield and you have an invincible Na'vi in melee range with a big club, RDA player is kinda buggered. Bad in Multi, even worse in single player, especially at the end of the RDA campaign where half the Na'vi flip out and become untouchable with Kinetic Dash and the other half become invincible with the forcefield and I sit there for 20-30 seconds dodging because I can't actually damage anything.

    Personally I'd remove force fields from both teams, they slow down the game too much for my liking. The Na'vi have plenty of skills to show feral agility, like their dodge and Kinetic Dash and would emphesise that you can't stand in front of high caliber ordiance and laugh it off, likewise with the RDA, it would emphesis human physical weakness in the face of all these predators. On the RDA side I'd delete berserk and add its effects to Elite Training to make it the RDA version of Kinetic Dash. Elite Training gives the RDA player more speed and damage on a relatively short cooldown so it can be used in multiple ways rather than just 'MOAR DAMAGE' or 'MOAR SPEED' like it is now. Na'vi get Kinetic Dash that boosts speed while gives Stealth and Dodge, RDA get a Skill that gives Speed, Damage and Dodge. Besides, clicking Berserk and back peddling away from the Hammerhead is so much less awesome than clicking Elite Training and running TOWARDS the Hammerhead.
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    I don't understand why some of you vocal guys are getting crashes all the time. I haven't had one crash. Windows Vista 32.
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    Probably because you ARE using Vista 32. We are using 64, be it Vista or Win7. Millions of people are now using 64 bit OS, but these gamers still don't recognize that fact so they don't program for it, and thus it causes all these headaches.
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