Well, I just started out playing the campaign and I found it looks and feels much better than the original BiA. There is, however, some major problems with realism. First of all, there is no prone! The most effective firing position... not present in this so called realistic simulator. The next is the strength of the weapons. While the garand doesnt have that strong of a round, a shot to the head would kill the normal person... Pretty much all the weapons are underpowered in that respect, but only slightly. It really doesnt take 3 shots from a rifle such as the Kar 98k to the chest to take down someone. Finally, the accuracy. While its a very big improvement over the original BiA in which the paintball gun-like rifles didnt shoot straight, the sway is too much from the kneeling, and even from the standing slightly. The sway from the kneeling mimics that of what it would be if the soldier would be breathing actively while taking shots.

Im wondering when/if modding tools will be released so I can try to correct some of the problems, anyone know?