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    "Main branch built 5/26/2004 at 5.19pm has stopped working. A problem caused the program to stop working properly. Windows will close program and notify you if a solution if available.
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    I am certain that Heimdall G. would love to know what kind of computer and about your operating system (Windows 7 ???) and on which hard hard disk your game was installed and... which version of Uru do you use. Uru ABM + TPots or full Uru Complete Chronicles ??? Or digital download ??
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    There's a good chance that you can fix your problems by changing the program's compatibility settings to "Windows XP (Service Pack 3)". You can find more details in my posting here.
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    Eep, I've been having the same problem. My game will crash and upon closing the program it will give me that branch message... I'm playing Uru CC on Steam so I don't know how to run it in compatibility mode from there... Could anyone help me out?
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    I beleive your best chance for a proper response would be to ask for help at the Uru CC forum on the Steam site...click here
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    i am getting the same message. I have windows 7 64 bit. i'm playing uru cc from cdrom, and i am not sure how to change the compatiblity. i wasn't able to download the patch, altho from what i have read, i shouldn't need to have it at all.

    any help would be greatly appreciated
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    Welcome to the Forums!

    In general,
    1. Install Uru to your C: drive.
    -- a. Be certain that Uru saves its game progress files to your C: drive.
    2. Start Uru from a fresh boot.
    -- a. Reboot, log into Windows, and close all open applications.
    -- b. Disable all anti-virus/spyware/adware/pop-up programs running in the background.
    ----- 1. Do NOT forget to re-enable your anti-virus/spyware/adware/pop-up programs after finished playing Uru.
    -- c. If you have only a software firewall, do NOT disable it.
    -- d. Do NOT run any other programs before starting Uru.
    3. Never boot up with a CD or DVD in the disc drive.
    4. If the Uru disc autostarts when inserted into the drive, cancel back to the Desktop.
    5. Always start Uru with the Desktop shortcut/start icon, NOT from the CD menu.

    NOTE: Anything that's in a different color (usually blue) type, is a link to another Internet site. Double-left-click on a link to go to its site.

    Try running the Program Compatibility troubleshooter. See Make older programs run in this version of Windows for details. (If you don't want to run the video, scroll down and follow the instructions under To run the Program Compatibility troubleshooter.)
    -- a. As a first pass, select Windows 98 / Windows ME for "Which version of Windows did this program work on before?" If that doesn't help, try the other choices.
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    I'm having this problem too. I use Windows XP and have Uru CC on CD. The main problem for me is that when I fix the problem itself by enabling compatibility mode for Windows XP SP3, the game all of a sudden can't find my character. The world is fixed but I have to start all over on every other world. When I disable compatibility mode, my character reappears when it asks me to select a character but the world still crashes. How do I get my character back when in compatibility mode? I'd rather not have to start my game over considering I just completed the PotS and two of the other ages.
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    Welcome to the Forums!


    1. What is your boot-up Operating System?

    2. Why are you using Windows XP SP3 compatibility mode when running CC?

    3. Have you tried the other compatibility modes, and if not, why not?
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