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    I have a message from hollywood hank. He let me know ...

    silent hunter 4 has a pacific ocean without sharks,
    world war 11 ships at sea saw many.need to see sharks in ocean.

    I have SH-4 but have never played this game. are there really sharks in SH-4 ?
    in GWX is everything . but in a normal version of SH-4 ?
    I do not know because I'm always on SH-3 .
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    I have found a mod that claims to add sharks to SH4. I have this mod downloaded but have never tried it, so obviously, I don't know if it does or doesn't work.
    Here is the download link over at SubSim.
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    thank you

    Now I understand everything.
    there is a server in SH-4 with mod sharks. In GWX 3.0 gold are dolphins in the game .
    but if you do download the sharkmod to see them, that is something else
    subsim has many hidden links. thanks anyway
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    I edited the 1.0 version to 1.1 with the permission from JoTheising, and in that process I tried to write some Shark traffic to the campaign. You won't see it unless that traffic is added to the campaign files. That is theoretically. Because I have simply not had the time to play for months, so I have just not got it fully tested. I'm not even sure if I added the traffic in the 1.1 version...
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