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    Friends: Sorry for my english, i talk spanish. My question is; why do you lunch a destroyer or battleship simulator with the engine form the silent hunter 5?

    Destroyer command 1 is great; and in the market; there is not a naval ships simulator (of war).

    Please considere my suggestion; we are a lot that think as me.

    GOOD LUCK , and please response me if is possible.
    Juan Pablo
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    yes, we requestet it since Silent Hunter 3... many gave up asking.

    Would be a pleasure to have 3d bridge, flying bridge, sonar and engine room, whole outside ship and important stations / decks manned reachable in full 3D with realistic sonar & gundirector and so on. Expandable with cruisers, battleships so people can act more as a model builder.

    With Destroyer Command 1 we fought huge battles this times, would be a real pleasure to have it with this new nice grafics engine.

    Many of us love Chinese47 Warshipmod, there is also a "Surface Warfare Super-Mod" in progress, its a pity that all this isnt hered by UBI-Soft, hunting human sub`s in multiplay is realy enjoyabel. We can only pray...
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    Well, you never know. Maybe the dev team and Ubi will give us all an unexpected and very welcome surprise with a seperate release of "Destroyer Command 2" as its own game or an add-on for SH5.

    Maybe it could be even better by borrowing inspiration from those mods mentioned and be a full surface warship add-on to allow play for everything from a humble ASW Trawler to a mighty battleship!
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    YES!!! I've also been asking for this. You've got a great engine here. Use it!

    Man it'd be so awesome, and even make that reality of U-Boats vs Destroyers Multiplayer come true!
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    yea, could you imagine playing against a hardcore SH sub skipper, who decided to go to the dark side and play the Destroyer in a sim like this? They would be tough opponents, knowing how sub skippers think...oh the possibilities.
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    I gave up asking for DC2. I leave it to you young people to make it happen!

    DC2 would be great!
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    Yes my English is also n bit broken
    I loved SH3... IT was 6MOnthes of my life. But 4 was boring...beautiful but boring. Why not expanding the game out to a Battleships game.
    Think Navyfield with SH4 GFX.
    Subs is fun but played one decent subgame(SH3) u played all sub games hence if it is like a nice seawolf or somting.
    And if u gone make another sub game. let it there be a dynamic campaign were i begin as low rank en play me up in the ranks with the necessary incentives (like better engine or torpedoes or detection systems)Put at least a good RPG system+ strategic command(multilayer) system
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    i would love a new destroyer command game wooooooooooooo
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    I remember when sh2/dc was the most intense game play ever.sweating out a attack by good dc captian was realy nerve racking.you had to be the best sub driver to evade a team of them.
    bring back human control to dd,s with the advaned technology we have today the battles would be epic.
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    yup, bring back DD`s, was awsome.....

    stil fire up DD command once in a while....
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