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    with this psot i want to clear up some things (mainly for myself, but also for those who are interested)
    what's with all the guys from bakers dozen?

    you start in a glider with all of 'bakers dozen' but he says in the clip there are 13? and is mac included in this?

    also: does the whole team you started with ever get together?

    please help me on this.

    i did find this, but that doesnt answer all my questions:
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    ok done some research on http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/B...o_Hill_30#Characters

    you start off in the glyder with 13 guys you actually are supposed to lead. If i'm right this is 'mac' and baker self not included? so actually 15 guys on the glider.

    is this correct?

    after this part of character line i totally lose track. please help
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    Hi remco. Well I'm not an expert at all the info you need but I'll try.
    Muzza died on the glider when it was hit by a flak. So that's one less in Baker's squad already. I don't think Baker and Mac are included because Mac is a Staff Sergeant so Baker wouldn't be ordering him about. I think Baker just included the men under his command.
    I think that the men are hardly ever all together because Baker leads the assault team and Red leads the fire team. There kinda both leading there own team doing different things. They do meet up in some missions where Baker can command both the fire and assault team. I'm sure that there are plenty of other people who can help you more than that. Hope this kind of helps. I'll try and help you again if you need anymore help.
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    The Baker's Dozen comes from Colonial America where bakers were hung for making the loaf light. That is why they give 13 instead of 12. Additionally, they decided to use the Avoirdupois pound instead of the Apothecary. The Avoirdupois weight is the French standard of dry measure. All of our dry measures in America today (tsp, tbsp, cup, etc.) are Apothecary except the pound which is still Avoirdupois. The Avoirdupois pound is 30 grams heavier than the Apothecary measure.


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    ive herd of all the bia games but bakers dozen ... whats bakers dozen andi f its bakers glider into holland in market garden ... mac wasnt in the glider i think we would have known
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