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    Hey guys,
    I'm playing through for the third time on the Wii and am having serious troubles findind the first life upgrade. I found the second one (I assume it's the second one very late in the game under the tower). I just beat the first boss, and am wondering what I should keep an eye out for.

    The second thing is about the hero skills. I got sword, jump, etc to 3, but block and wall-run attack are still 1. Do you work those up by using them or by collecting djinni's & chests? Those skills went up in the first two times I played but seemed to have stagnated. Is the Earn Creation Power challenge related to this?

    Thank you kindy,
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    Combat Upgrades: You can watch your progress on the upper right corner of screen. Start collecting like crazy! It took me about 4 playthroughs to get all upgrades, at which point that thing in the upper right will disappear.

    Life Upgrades: Look for the glowing blue doors. I did it by doing a lot of "sight-seeing." That is, I enjoy the environments in this game, so I frequently stop & move the camera around to take in the scenery. That way you can notice treasure chests & other breakables, potions, doors, and hidden areas that look like they could be reached & explored. To get all the achievements (Heroic Challenges) you'll have to do this anyway. Of course, when I got stuck, I posted my questions on this forum!
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