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    Please help.

    I bought R6 currency and a skin on rainbow six siege and i got none of it if somoeone can help id appriciate it
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    pleaseeeeee remove 2 way authentication stuck and no support this sucks


    I have don everything i know to fix my issue but it is not working

    i am unable to install my game The Division because this stupid 2 way authentication

    on my original account //// i have mad this account so i can fix my problem

    they say there is a live chat well i waited for 1 hour and no one showed up my reference numbers are 03793367. 03793470.

    how do i fix this i need help and ubisoft or uplay or who ever they are is not doing ****

    original account is gmoot76@gmail.com
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    My verification Code dont work

    Good Morning.
    I have the following problem:
    A few days ago I formatted my mobile phone because it was very slow and it contained the application of google authenticator installed to use in the uplay account.
    However, after formatting and installing my applications the google authenticator app provides a code that is wrong on uplay and I can not access to my account.
    What can I do?
    Thnks for help.
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    I need to know how to get my Verification codes. I deleted the app because I had no room and the game wasn't working at the time. But now my computer finally updated and I wanted to try the game again. But I can't get the verification code and I don't know where to look.. I got the app again on a different phone and it keeps locking me out. I had verification codes but it won't let me use them........
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    This company is garbage my pre orders are being returned they having given me any beta codes this company dont care bout there players ****em
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    Same here

    Don't have access to my backup codes and uninstalled the authenticator, not knowing that it would wipe my code.
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    I have lost his phone and all security pass... Now i have got new phone and when I installed Google Authenticator its asking code .... can't login to my Uplay account because I no longer have access to the "2 Step" code. Seeing as though I can't login and nobody replying on PM What should i do
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    Nat Type

    Hi I am so distracted that I have not been able to make Terrorist Hunt since the new Patch because there is a problem that NatModem Strict and Update have allowed Matchmaking to work, but the Lone Wolf part simply says:
    Rainbow Six Siege error code: [2-0x0000C014

    Requires NAT Open or Type 1 to create Player Hosted game.

    I only have to worry about having 30 to 40 minutes of warm-up on my first day and I did not use the Matchmaking part because I did not feel like playing the game.
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    v sync not working

    I have a perfectly good pc with a 1060 and a g sync screen. when i play rainbow six siege, the v sync in the game doesnt work and for some reason that makes my frames unsteady. this is an issue for only this game. when v sync used to work, the frames were at a steady 75 but now it goes up and down and tears a lot. I dont know how to fix it and it is really annoying because ubi support is absolute trash so im looking to you guys for help to fix this issue
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    Rainbow six siege de ranked ranked but I get a (matchmaking error) problem what should i do please help me
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