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    OUCH!!! Wish Ida node that there was no cockpit view before I shelled out 50 bucks and a couple of hours work trying to figure out how to get into the cockpit......oh well good trade-in for C.O.D. next month~~~~~~~
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    I have never been able to get into Campaign Mode because of of Black Screen! I did fly around in Multiplayer Mode, and your right, There Is No Cockpit View!
    This is the most Screwed Up game I have purchased in many years. I would get a refund on it if I could. I think it was originally ported for "Console Only" then as a half hearted after thought they ported it for PC.
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    I bought this game (boxed version) from Amazon.
    I wish I hadn't. I should have listened to everyone, but I love WWII fighters/bombers. I loaded this thing and no matter what I try... I get a Black screen in Canpaign mode. Strange; I did get it to fly around in multiplayer.
    I contacted UBI support and so far Nothing has helped. I searched any forum I could find on the internet and still no help. I think UBI has forgotten the very people who made them what they are. We the Pc users have been buying your products LONG before a console was thought of, now you are putting us in 2nd place. That may come to haunt you in the future. Anyway, I'm damn disappointed in this game. I would get a refund if I could. This thing is bad except for graphics. It could have been something very special.
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