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    Hero Playstyles


    What are the playstyles for each of the heroes, specifically the additional 13 heroes? How do they play when they're being played optimally or well?

    I'm both considering playing/maining one of them and wondering how to beat them or what to expect from them. Does anyone know what combinations the new hybrids are?
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    Your question about Hybrids doesnt have a factual answer as Ubi only present them as hybrids.

    It is pretty clear for some of them like HL is a tanky hybrid or Shaolin is more an assassin one.

    About Musha and Cent i would more rank them as Vanguard hybrid. But some people would say tank for Musha for example so thats kind of subjective.

    About their playstyle :
    -Cent is very good at enable his own gank (but he gonna get bug changes soon so lets see).
    -Gladiator doesnt have an optimal way of play Imo as he has more weaknesses than anything else atm. Just wait for the next changes coming soon as well.
    -BP is very good in group fights and at anti gank and is a good zone keeper. This is a kind of "hard to kill" heroe with the proper perk/feat combination and Bullwark cancel against people not ganking properly.

    -HL is about getting big dmg. I dont have much experience with him so i would not say more.
    -Shaman is a very good zone keeper with his traps, a great rotational heroe and dangerous if playing with others heroes able to apply bleed.
    -Jorme is a stam bully but without pretty clear optimal way to play him so far i think.

    -Shinobi optimal way of play is to run arround as much as possible in order to take zone and also surprise opponent with he range GB.
    -Hito goal is to fight and get exécutions. He is really good at it. He is a very good breach pick because of that and his 4th feat.
    -Aramusha is much more about paying attention to B and clean as much as possible.

    Shaolin and Nuxia biggest utility are their rotation.
    But Nuxia can also be a good ganker while Shaolin is great at 1v1 and a good group fighter.

    At the end JJ is moslty about getting AOE dmg and a good anti gank heroe.
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