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    Revenge should be automatically activated

    Period end of story or give me over 50 deaths that could have been avoided due to the inability of actually being able to activate it, no point in even adding it if you have to actually use it during your fight against I don't know the whole entire team? I guess Tiandi is suppost to be outnumbered but seriously.

    Don't expect me to add that to my to do list every time I see 4 cents. Oh right you still allow every mode but brawl to have 4 of the same crap on a team. I demand that the all the devs fight 4 cent, then 4 aramusha, then 4 orochi then 4 valks all sweeping. Do this for days on end and then tell you don't want to bring a few minutes to fixing this issue.
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    I bet you won't do it. Of course if game devs actually played there own product this wouldn't actually have to be addressed... hmmm
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    Originally Posted by SabunoHakia Go to original post
    I bet you won't do it. Of course if game devs actually played there own product this wouldn't actually have to be addressed... hmmm
    Just hit R fast lol auto activation is bad the fact people can control when to use it is quite useful
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    Fighting 4 cents? You mean, a team entirely built from 4 of the worst characters?
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    Revenge needs to be activated when the player wants, because its activation is used with tactical purposes. If it is automatically activated it would lose that property.

    But I think that maybe it should be activated automatically only when you are about to receive the hit that will kill you, in other words: prevent your death.

    Some people could think that preventing death could be kind of unfair, but if you filled your revenge is because you were in an unfair situation already....so I think it could be ok.
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    You say that but a split second of tactical is fine but I would like it to give me the option of toggle. I can't say for tactical purposes, but 4 cents, or 4 Aramusha don't give you that brief period of tactical time for the moment of activation you either activate or you enjoy the floor and 4 flying men with there crotch rockets in your face. Aramusha does give a brief period of time but any time given to him is a instinctive reason for him to stance me. For orochi I can easily take 4 provided they are light spam if they actually play it well then. Another story altogether.

    I just don't believe everyone should have to activate it if they don't want too.
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    Yes, related to another post I made only two characters of the same person should ever be allowed on a single map. Its fair for some fun character mix ups, 2 cent 1 glad and and for the giggles Hulda. Now obviously when I mention these I would expect them to be played properly and not spam, foot stab and that gut punch by hulda and the Cents to be played a bit more skillfully but I don't expect that ever more of a example really because once on the ground by the glad with the foot stab knockdown you give way to hulda and cents signature attacks.

    But what happens in reality is no team work, spam sucker punch, spam foot stab. Spam jab and you can figure the rest out.

    For the record that isn't how I play these as I find that obnoxiously boring. But the casual causal gamer ruins the future of games because dear lord if we have any challenging games with absolute pride and enjoyment after beating someone better than you or winning a hard boss fight, such as anything in darksouls.
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    I think there should be a new game mode in dominion called single pick dominion where you can't pick the same character more than once. So every character on the team must be unique. That will fix a lot of issues regarding annoying ganks like two syncning/tactical centurions, or huldas. Then again, if you're playing Tiandi, and light spamming them to death, you kinda deserve to get ganked by them. And centurion is the lowest tier in the game, he's the weakest right now. One nerf i'd like to see on centurion after they properly rework him, is that his charged punch SHOULD NOT be allowed to knock down people who have revenge because that defeats the whole purpose of revenge activation.
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    I agree with this but to make it more interesting and random rolls of 1 benefit 1 negative effect from arcade mode like dear god.. this is still a fun idea, Shugoki being able to bleed on all attacks but suffers from increased stamina consumption and for this new type of mode get rid of tribute. I like it hardly anyone touches it why it remains I don't know but I would like the random effects from arcade in dominion, breach, example Shugoki has bleed on all attacks but increased stamina consumption, then he dies and gets slowly bleeds out but gets a constantly regenerating shield.

    This would he more interesting based off the benefits and negatives and then dying and maybe getting something else from it. This could also provide a huge balance for under skilled players or snowball in to madness. Still better than a tribute daily objective. Tribute vs AI for me all I do during these objectives.
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    Also to state I don't light spam on Tiandi as his damage in this regard is absolutely ridiculous low and needs a bit if a increase but the ability to avoid a lot of stuff and dodge cancel makes up for it occasionally.
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