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    Suppressor bug on weapons pls fix

    for some weapons if u put of the suppressor it cant be attached again, ennoying for named weapons by example londons call sniper, make a patch for this pls
    A lot of people have issues with this!
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    Like OP said, this bug only affects some custom weapons. Regular weapons aren't affected and even if they were, there is gunsmith as an option to fix them.

    These issues have been happening forever and there's still no proper fix. Why this happens? 2 reasons:
    1) suppressor was intentionally detached at some point. Give people an option to attach/detach stuff, they will use it. What's the worst that could happen, right? Plus, no warning or tip about it anywhere. Press and hold F to pay respects to your suppressor, may it rest peacefully in the finest coca field
    2) affected weapon was viewed or previewed in gunsmith. Custom weapons in gunsmith often don't have a suppressor (most likely done in order to save screen space, practical decision at the time I'm sure, consequences TBD). This can't be fixed, unless the gun is never viewed/previewed in gunsmith, which is not an option (inability to upgrade the weapon in tier 1 mode, among other things).

    I had to delete 3 affected ghost mode characters and 1 campaign character because of this bug (missing suppressor on my Stoner Veteran, Desert Tech HTI BDC and SRSA1 Black Widow), this was the only "workaround" to get suppressors back, so I understand. Still, not sure what developers could do at this point. Even with the most extensive testing things could go either way, better or worse.
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    Hello, venomgun1. Regular weapons are affected, but they can be fixed by going into the Gunsmith. We've passed on this thread and other threads about this issue to the team. At this time we don't have any further information. I'm sorry I can't be of more help!
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