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    Steam Game Sharing

    Can we not use Steam game family sharing to play Division without having to buy it again? Because, yes I want to play the game from scratch again, made a new steam acct to play 4 more agents lol. Every steam game I have works fine with steam game sharing, except for Div.
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    I think all Steam does for TD1 is launch the UBI game launcher. I don't think the game is truly run through Steam.

    I have two copies of the game. I used to different UBI accounts instead of Steam. I often run them simultaneously on two computers sitting side by side. I have gotten fairly good and playing them both. I have done legendaries 'solo' with it. I fire the two skills on one, then switch mouse, and fire the other accounts, then rinse and repeat until everything is dead except hopefully not me.
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    Steam allows for sharing, but Uplay doesn't so the game will still need to launch through the Uplay client as Bambi mentioned
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