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    BTW if those randys where that trash, why do i face any kind of randy all the time in top #100 ? The only randy i dont encounter anymore is sexy nurse randy.
    In top 100, but also in top 1000, everyone now play adventure-mistic with the same cards everytime: Somm, Incan, WDT, Medusa, Pope, Pocahontas and so on. It's boring because now there are so many weak cards. Why? Because nobody want to fight with a good strategy if they can completely smash everything with somm and inca with 0 strategy. The entire legendary ladder is full of santa+somm combo. And now that Pocahontas is better than a legendary, nobody uses funny cards like the other Randy.

    For example Azuritsk (the YouTuber) used scifi-fantasy with level 4 SER and so many good cards and a very good strategy. Now he switched to adventure because Somm+Inca > Strategy and Level 4 Pocahontas > Level 4 SER.
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    What themes do you play btw?
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    Originally Posted by fecog Go to original post
    What themes do you play btw?
    Fantasy was my main theme and I usually use fantasy-scifi or fantasy-mistic. Since the beginning of this season I switched to adventure-mistic because it's OP. I hope the game will be rebalanced because I enjoy more playing scifi-fantasy or mistic-fantasy, but aren't competitive like adventure-mistic.
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    amazingly randy is strong enough, and we also have to remember that ADV is the damage dealing theme, make sense for poca to do damage
    ADV only has SOMM (when it isn't instakilled or powerbound) incan (for the beams) Poca, swordsman lightning bolt/fireball and sharon as usable cards, might get away with the bebe at 6, and arrows (even though meh) deal with sci-fi.

    adventure isn't the problem, these are high cost cards we are talking about, its getting more tiresome seeing staff+zen then cos its easy energy for big gain.
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    Problem is that Sharon is so overpowered that the she need a nerf or other similar cards need a buff like Fantasy randy.
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