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    When I fire with AR and switch to LMG the AR fires for a few seconds even after changing to LMG
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    Spiel bug

    Ich habe genau das selbe Problem ich zb habe mit dem Granatwerfer geschossen und es hat sich nix getahen noch nicht mal eine explosion wenn man was abschießt wie man es kennt.

    Und was auch nerft will man ein Telefon einsammeln was zum sammeln ist geht das auch nicht, wäre ja mal klasse wenn das auch mal mit behoben wird.
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    Massive Server Problems

    From today on I have serious Server Problems. Everything totally time delayed with circa 10 seconds. Additionally I cannot change the Server in the game. I cannot play the game with these Problems.

    PS ID. "NOMAD15477"
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    Npc total game malfunction

    Game is slower than usual and it says that the service status is still under maintenance if so how long will it be under maintenance cause I’m definitely getting the bad end of things
    PSN : Jtheplugg
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    And more, cannot pick up loot

    Same problem. No damage from me, cannot pick up loot.

    PSN: shandre1958
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    SentH1x on ps4

    The improvements you've made not only helped with hit reg, but also with server quality. Thank you for dedicating time to your servers after almost 2 years.

    The problem has lessened since the small update patch last week? or the week before, however My game still freezes for 1-5 seconds at a time, and then I am unable to register hits on targets for 1-5 seconds...

    It's definitely getting better, but still needs some work!
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    Although, I run a clan of about 200+ members for ps4, and they're telling me that they're having issues today. Did the team do something on Aug 14th? US Central is always pretty hit and miss.... I'm wondering if you have 2 data centers there? There is also 1 data center on the East Coast that is pretty bad too. I'm wondering if it just has to do with routing....
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    Unregistered Damage hits

    3-4 rounds of Granade launchers won't hurt Elites (Big Fat gunner eg:Boomer)
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    Already 2 days I cannot play the game((

    PSN: shandre1958
    Unit: gruanda187
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    PSN: SAM32H

    It happens all the time for me .
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