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    Making double tracks running parallel to each other makes my big island to be well fed with oil.

    A problem I see is if the oil dock knows a single track has a train running, it does not send another train. It waits for the track to be completely free.

    That is why, having two tracks running to the same direction in parallel helps. The oil dock sees one track being used, but another free to send another train.

    How many plants you have in total and how far ar they from harbor?
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    How many plants you have in total and how far ar they from harbor?
    I have to double check to count, but as far as I remember, I have 4 covering the city and 2 covering industries. The plants covering city follows a North/South/East/West and the double track circulates the surround of the entire city with a single track leaving the ring to reach the plant. One of these plants is located on the further side of the island, when comparing to the oil harbor.

    From this ring, 2 other lines exits in different spots towards the important industry hub.

    The double line is important (I´m considering a third actually). Sometimes you click the harbor it will say "Track is blocked" or something. If you start checking the problem, you will see the track will be in red color. It means a train is running there. The harbor will wait for that track to be free before sending another train, and sometimes it is too much time of waiting.

    Edit: It´s actually 5 covering the city

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    See the redish track in your picture? It means "a train is running there, and the track is busy" The oil harbor won´t sent another train there until that track is free

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