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    Experience with Just Dance and the Dance Band

    Hello guys,

    does someon have experience with this product?

    When i saw it, i thought it´s kinda cool. But lateley i realise, that even small hand movements are registered by the Joycom, so i was worried, that i could lose points on the WDF.
    Does someon has experience?

    Thanks in advance^^

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    That's a cool concept. Like you, I was hoping someone who tried it would respond and share their experience with it.

    However, like you, I suspect that it wouldn't pick up the crucial subtle hand motions that are important to the scoring, especially at the higher level.

    It's a shame that the Switch dances don't allow players to use one Joy-Con in each hand and at least make them two-handed dances. (I know, not everyone can afford extra Joy-Cons, but two-handed dancing could simply be an option, then players could choose one hand if they prefer it.) If you want to get carried away, you could imagine straps on ankles, a belt, something on the head. But then all you really need is some kind of camera detection like Xbox Kinect and you get full-body hands-free dancing...

    But if I wanted to dance with a remote, something that I could strap onto my wrist sure would be more convenient than holding something in my hand. Except for losing the details of the small hand motions. How about a glove that could detect all of the fingers and thumb? (Or two gloves, one for each hand.) Maybe sweating in the glove would be the issue.

    Definitely a cool idea though. Thanks for sharing.
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