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    Oh Vent. So many people have abused your powers.
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    Hi i would like to welcome anyone to my free ventrilo gaming server. channels can be made by request. come join us today!

    hostname: la2.ugt-servers.com
    port: 12818
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    Free Ventrilo Server

    All you need to do is submit an essay about why DarkStar is the best provider. It just needs to be a few sentences long. The winner will be announced before new years.

    DarkStar is a major Vent Server provider. They do TeamSpeak hosting too.
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    MMOReactor is providing Free Ventrilo and Free Website hosting for guilds and communities.

    Right now we own 1 Vent server with 400 slots. Within 1 month we will be owning about 25 400 slot vents.

    IP Address
    Location Chicago, IL
    Name MMOReactor
    Max Clients 400
    Voice Codec & Format Speex 32 KHz, 16 bit, 10 Qlty
    Uptime 114 hours
    Version 3.0.3

    If you like the stats please contact me:

    Abhishek Ganguly (Sunny)
    973 997 8006
    Help Desk: http://mmoreactor.com/help-desk.html
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    I Have A Free Vent For Everyone To Use!


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    I Have A Free Ventrilo For Everyone To Use (To Request A Channel Asking With All [Randomrank] Then We Can Help You Guys Out )

    Hostname|Ip - vent10.bargainvoice.com

    Port - 3803

    Or Email Me - Taidang50@yahoo.com
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    Free Mumble Server! 500 Slots!!!

    We can offer free privite channels, just email me! mumble@hammalot.com


    Port: 64738

    Hosted by Hammalot.com!
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    free 512 slots teamspeak server

    server ip: ts.osn-team.com
    port: 9987 (or do not enter one - cuz its default)
    u can mail me or ask me there for a private channel etc. (termure at gmail dot com)

    www.osn-team.com Old School Noobs team gaming everyday

    #OSN @ quakenet
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