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    Originally Posted by FindFixFinish Go to original post
    You posted after close of play on Friday so you'll have to wait until Monday at the earliest for an official response. Which is in line with other big game producers.
    so they never check the forum if i miss that timeline?? lol thats some grt management..
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    I noticed a recent Tweet from Ubisoft where they said they were investigating purchases on PC.

    The Tweet also shares a link to a forum post, by Ubi-Swaggins, stating that the issue has now been resolved:

    "[RESOLVED] 8th August 2019 - Degradation - Multiple Titles - PC

    Update: This has now been resolved, thank you all for your patience!"

    So it may be worth checking again to see if your purchase will go through now.
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    same issue since I bought this game

    did this get solved? I have this issue for months now since I bought the game through steam I looked everywhere for a fix it and even but a card a upisoft support and still nothing happened guess upisoft dosen't care about people who bought this game through steam smh
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    You can definitely access the currency packs part of the store now, although, I haven't actually tried purchasing a pack myself.
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