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    Unscheduled Maintence?

    Just suddenly lost connection to Ubi servers. Check my internet is fine, restart game, still no service. But my home screen shows a clock ticking down from 33 mins. This has typically happened when theres server maintenance. Tried clicking MP and it says it IS a scheduled maintenance. My question is, has this been mentioned anywhere besides the Official Forum? Cause it wasnt mentioned here, and i just lost a very good run... Any info would be appreciated, thanks.
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    It was posted twice today on the Trials twitter feed, but I didn’t see it elsewhere. Sorry you lost a good run
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    Thanks. Guess ill have to keep up with twitter then. Really dont want to have that happen again. Thanks for the info though!
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    Hello calculusman1084,

    I apologize for the confusion. Our Twitter is definitely the best thing to keep updated on any downtime or maintenance that is coming up. We share updates on both our Support and Trials accounts.
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