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    Welp, this event sure controls like balls!

    I actually kind of enjoy the "fragile bike" events when they come around, but it's like every new event they find a way to do this game worse. This bike controls like utter ****, I'm running Trojan Giraffe right now (TRYING to) and I can't help but muse on what a ride these guys have taken us for again and again. Friggin abominable, this one.
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    Yeah, it handles like a wounded water buffalo. Kinda reminds me of the Stallion, but this ride doesnt poop.

    I got the hang of it eventually, and have about 6300 ore now (gotta get the Timer boost for a while though if you want to comfortably make the 920 ore/day you need to get the 23000 ore to finish the event and gain all tracks). Overall, I think RL made this event require a little less gems than usual......
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    Isn't the idea behind the bike handling badly to compensate for the fact that you can fly over half the track with that boost feature?
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    The dumbest thing about this event, imo, is that the rider is too tall. On tracks like the Watcher where you HAVE to go under something, you are basically required to slide on your back to get through.

    These things are annoying bc they force you to learn a whole new game dynamic that will prob be discarded after the event instead of challenging the skills necessary to play the rest of the game.
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    I think you guys are crazy, this is by far the best event they've done yet. Yeah the bike is top-heavy, like someone else said that's to compensate for the fact that you can pretty much fly over 2/3 of most tracks, especially if you bought the event outfit (which you should ALWAYS do if you can afford it.) It's not just dodging obstacles or a stupid treasure hunt, this is a brand new mechanic that breathes new life into tracks I've been sick of for years. If you've been playing since launch like me and have lots of gems saved up, USE THEM on the event boosters and you can still get over 100 he3 per track while driving like a madman. I mean, just look at some of these track times:


    I'm going to be very upset if this bike isn't offered (in the "crazy bikes" class, of course) in the garage after this event. My only real criticism is that I don't think you should gate the "50% faster boost usage" feature behind a limited-time outfit... Or behind an outfit at all. That's getting a little too close to pay-to-win in what should be a skill-based game.
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