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    Staff Picks - July 12th

    Greeting Riders!

    Following on from last week’s Staff Picks, we’ve continued to keep an eye out all the amazing creations throughout the Trials Community. Highlighted in this week’s post, you’ll be able to find some our favourite discoveries. If you’ve made something this week that you’d like us to check out, let know in the comment below!

    Shogun’s Picks

    Name: The Kraken
    Creator: Psyhopper
    Mode: Trials
    Difficulty: Hard

    Wow, this track really blew me away. There is so much to love here. Cool pirate theme? Check. Multiple routes that give a lot of replay value? Yup. Giant tentacle monster attacking you from the seas as you ride? Oh yeah, it’s there. Hidden squirrel?! You got it. Bombastic ending? You better believe it. There’s really no reason not to play this track. Do it now!

    Name: Ohayou-kun
    Creator: BlueFalconCF
    Item: Shirt

    Who doesn’t like a glowing happy sun greeting you with fresh warm toast to start your day? Do I need more reason than that?

    Keeba’s Picks

    Track: Doodle Rider
    Difficulty: Medium
    Mode: Trials
    Creator: Lam3gaming

    This track truly brings fun and creative together into one track. The art and detail of the penciled-in rider along with the driveline makes this track an absolute joy to play.

    Track: Has the image of rising
    Difficulty: Easy
    Mode: Trials
    Creator: koumick95

    The background visuals on this track are absolutely stunning. It’s a bit more challenging than its listed Easy, so don’t let that fool you into thinking it’s simple. This track is beautiful and fun!

    Doc’s Picks

    Track: TCR On the storm
    Difficulty: Hard
    Mode: Trials
    Creator: yarivpa

    TCR On the storm by yarivpa is an incredibly well design track. The level detail put into the environment both on driveline and in the background is astonishing, and there’s a freaking tornado! Keep an eye out on the Diggin with the Doc thread, new tracks will be added next Monday!

    Have we missed out on anything? Share your favorite Trials Rising discoveries in the comments below!
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    Thanks for the pick Shogun. Made my day.
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    Originally Posted by Ubi-MrDrPink Go to original post
    Track: Has the image of rising
    It's really weird to have the staff picks pass over so many great builder efforts to highlight a track someone just threw up blatantly unfinished before abandoning building--even says so right on the track.

    Could we maybe not go out of our way to insult what few builders we still have?
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