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    UPDATE 3/5:

    Hi everyone,

    We are still working on getting the title update out to you, but wanted to give you a quick update on the corrupt saved game issue. We have been working on it since it was first reported, and are happy to report that the issue has been identified. We are working on incorporating a fix into the upcoming title update, however please be advised that the fix *may* only be for new saves created after installing the TU. We understand that it is frustrating to lose all those hours put into a saved game (believe us, we ourselves have had to physically play to the point of corruption over and over during troubleshooting), and thank you for your patience as we worked to identify the cause. More information on the fix will be available when the TU is ready for release.

    UPDATE 1/22:

    A lot of you are wondering what is happening with the corrupt save bug that causes the player to get stuck at a couple of different completion percentages.
    Ever since we received the first feedback on this from our support team and forums we’ve being investigating the issue.

    As usual our primary objective was to collect as much relevant information as possible through forums, customer support and so on. We managed to gather a lot of corrupted save games from console and PC users. Unfortunately, all of that data wasn’t helping to understand how the corruption occurs, only what the effect of the corruption was. After trying different hardware and settings for weeks we recently managed to reproduce the bug on a development kit. We are currently repeating the same steps on retail consoles and on PC. After that, we will be able to move on to the next stage where our studio team works on a solution for all platforms.

    We fully appreciate that it’s a frustratingly long wait for those of you experiencing this bug. We’re keen to resolve this issue for you as soon as possible and we are absolutely committing all the resources we can towards achieving this.


    We're still investigating this issue, along with the others that feedback is being gathered for.

    For those with corrupt saved games, could you please check the date of your saved games, as well as the date on your PC/console, and post your findings back here? We're finding that some folks are somehow getting saved games that are backdated.
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    I just got the issue with the corrupt saved games and checked console date and saved games dates and everything is correct. The dates on both the console and the saved games are correct (for when I saved them).
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    Hey i'm very glad to hear it's still being investigated.

    I'm on Xbox 360.
    The last save game date is fine 18/11/2008 - 20:12:13.
    62% through.
    And i believe i was not on the the latest version (the one before LAN option).
    Oh and for the record i was playing as Jossip. You never know!

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    I have three saved games. Two of them are from the first map and I can load these fine. The third saved game is from the second map and it is corrupt. As I said in my post earlier the dates are correct according to the date and time I saved them.
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    I have a save at 58% with this problem on the 360, southern district. After trying to load it four times, I noticed the time it took to freeze was getting shorter each time. After clearing the hard drive's cache however, it loaded for a much longer time before freezing. Hope this provides some insight or at least a step in the right direction.
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    I have 9 saves on my 360, most of them corrupt, and they all have the correct date and time (either 10/30 or 11/01). Doesn't seem to be a problem with dates.
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    I had a lot of issues with my game freezing often while trying to load a save file on my 360. I noticed the problem stopped when I decided to go to quit game instead of just shutting off the console or going to the dashboard. The save files weren't back dated or anything and my console didn't even recognize the fact the files were corrupted in fact. Don't know if this helps anyone.
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    I got a lot of information here to unload about corrupt saves files...

    I am playing on an xbox 360 console. I have the pre-order edition Far Cry 2 in Canada.
    I have played the game so far on hardcore. And the only settings I have changed has been turning the crosshair on and off for multiplayer.
    I have 17 save files in total. I had the problem of corrupt save files at 65%. I had played on Nov 18 for about hour an a half. I saved my game and left for work. I came back later and tried to load my current save and it froze. I Rewrote over the bad file and it seems to work now but newer save files are corrupting every now and then. This really pains me because I have put 40 hours into this game and collected all hidden diamonds and unlcoked all guns and manuals for single player.

    Below is the information for my 17 save files. A file with a (C) beside means it is corrupt.

    Act 2 -69% 19/11/2008- 15:49:51 (C)*
    Act 2 -69% 19/11/2008- 15:49:39 (C)*
    Act 2 -69% 19/11/2008- 15:43:20
    Act 2 -69% 19/11/2008- 15:40:27
    Act 2 -69% 19/11/2008- 15:38:11 (C)
    Act 2 -69% 19/11/2008- 15:22:19 (C)
    Act 2 -65% 18/11/2008- 23:02:20
    Act 2 -65% 18/11/2008- 22:57:17
    Act 2 -65% 18/11/2008- 22:50:24
    Act 2 -65% 18/11/2008- 22:41:16
    Act 2 -65% 18/11/2008- 22:34:26
    Act 2 -65% 18/11/2008- 22:31:12
    Act 2 -65% 18/11/2008- 22:29:44
    Act 2 -65% 18/11/2008- 22:23:34
    Act 2 -65% 18/11/2008- 16:30:49
    Act 2 -65% 18/11/2008- 16:29:47
    Act 2 -62% 17/11/2008- 22:34:47

    Note* the first two files listed were saved in the exact same location at the APR HQ in the southern region. I saved these two files one after another and they are both corrupt.
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    I don't have an issue with game save dates (Corrupt ones) being different to any of the "good" ones. And all dates are correct.

    Where is this line of questioning leading anyway? lol.
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    We're simply researching any leads as to what could be causing this.
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