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    Oh God I know...I swear I think the challenges were made by someone who believes frustration and irritation are the soul route to a gamers heart.The story in Rdr2
    was awesome, the first video game that ever made me teary eyed over an NPCs death.I think if Odyssey would have had a far better story and handled the dlcs better
    I would have enjoyed it more....but when I started the 3rd Atlantis I unfortunately just had no interest left, I even tried to force myself to complete it but the only thing
    I could grasp on to was it was more of the same, a bad story in a pretty area!
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    In Origins you got a skin for your bird when you did all of the discovery tours afair.
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    Originally Posted by rorobfo Go to original post
    In Origins you got a skin for your bird when you did all of the discovery tours afair.
    Omg do I so not care about getting a skin for Ikoras. The only thing that would provide an incentive to do DM is if there are trophies attached.

    @Dragon, if you care about the lore don't play episode 3. Ruined canon and Leyla is the literal worst. The present day wad so bad that I actually want Ubisoft to reboot the franchise. There's no hope.

    Additionally, I finally took the plunge and deleted Assassin's Creed Odyssey off my PS4 hard drive. It was tough but it was a bit like pulling off a band aid tbh. I needed to make room for Fallout 4 and my Nathan Drake collection as I plan to finish off the platinums for both. Odyssey with all patches is 84 gig, almost as much as Destiny 2 which is insane.
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    Thats odd Fallout 4 is what I'm playing now!
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    Originally Posted by DuskDragon56496 Go to original post
    Thats odd Fallout 4 is what I'm playing now!
    Awesome, is it your first playthrough or are you on a repeat run? And what part are you up to story-wise? (without spoilers for those who haven't played it).
    We can continue this is the 'bring up anything you like' thread if you want.
    btw I have the platinum now. It's such an amazing game that I wanted any excuse to go back and revisit it. TBH I'll probably still continue playing lol
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    Definitely, Fallout 4 is one of my favorite games, right now I'm going through Nuka-World as it's by far one of my favorite areas,as you say I won't give away any
    spoilers but this game is just phenomenal and there's so much to do it keeps you entertained almost non-stop.I actually started playing it through game pass and I wound up
    liking it so much I bought the game and the dlcs,This right now is my third play through but I'm still not close to being bored yet, I'm still finding new things and theres always
    something new to do and create....oh yeah it is quite an amazing game
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