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    Open letter to RedLynx and Ubisoft: The longevity of Trials Rising

    Hey everyone!
    I wrote a letter to the developers. I decided to make it an open one, so that others can voice their thoughts about this as well. Feel free to chime in in the comments - but do keep it civil.


    I look forward to seeing the future of Trials, and hope to have tons more fun with you all. <3

    A link to the full letter here.
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    I think you over-focus on the ninja side of the game, but as a long-time NON-ninja player of no importance whatsoever, I don't object to a special bike to get that flashy ninja trick rush you seem to be after. I would be concerned, though, that it would completely obsolete and eclipse the Mantis, which is (of the two) the bike I would rather see grow into late-game content. I never liked the bike changes that came with Fusion, and I don't want to have to play that way to enjoy ongoing Track Central challenges. I do feel strongly that Trials can and should be many different games to different players, so again, I have concerns about what it would do, but the idea sounds positive.

    I think real longevity comes from Track Central in general, not just the ninja side of TC. Again, although I don't like ninja magic like fender grabs and vertical climbs, I wholly support that side of the game being there for people who do. I was very happy to see a proper Ninja difficulty finally added to the game, so y'all can have your proper play space, and I support more ninja toys and systems. I'm just saying this because I want it to be clear I am pro-ninja despite being and intending to remain non-ninja.

    I suspect there are richer mines that should be tapped for deep longevity besides (in addition to) a wilder ride. One such mine I have already suggested is a system of player contract challenges, where players can set their own custom-made contracts and pass them around or post them for other players to try to satisfy. Each custom contract would have a limited time before expiring (either by set open/close dates or by a period of no new entries--this is mainly to avoid unreasonable server storage) and would maintain its own browseable leaderboard while it was available (maybe just a top 100 board, if server space is still a concern). This system clusters players into activities they create on an ongoing basis, with all of Track Central to build challenges over. Donkey challenges, Shopping Cart challenges (obviously, contracts should be able to bypass the allowed bikes list, and the creator should have to have a valid run to post the contract, so they're always do-able), gravity change challenges, altered bike speed challenges, whatever RL can pack into the contract system for players to pick from. You could even add rewards, bets, entry fees (I mean coins or acorns, not real money) and have the contract set with a payout scheme to top runs. RL could set up some automatic filler contracts with rewards to keep the system in people's eyes eve if there's a lull in player-driven activity. The contract system has a ridiculous amount of untapped potential that the game needs to draw on.

    This is something that adds to the game for everyone, not just the ninja players, and builds on everything TC can be, including the possible ninja bike you are asking for.

    What I'm saying is, there isn't just one way to grow the game, and there's more than one thing that needs to be done. I hope you get your bike, but don't just forget about the non-ninja players out there. We play too.
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    Crap, now i have to agree with you on something. I must be getting ill or something.
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    I would just like to add that Blix really tried his best to like the Mantis for ninjas, he played the ninjas quite a lot on it and was optimistic that it just takes time to get used to, but sadly as we (meaning me and a large part of the ninja community) all figured out by now - this isn't the case.

    Blix has made a really solid case on what the community wants from you RedLynx, I won't go into any specifics on what I think needs to be changed because I don't think this is the place or the time to do it, but I think by now it should be pretty apparent that the community really isn't happy with the ninja side of the game and it has been pointed out many times to you on this forum on twitch and every other possible place, not to mention the ninja leaderboards are still broken and we are almost 4 months since the game has been released. A lot of people already stoped playing/lost interest and the path Trials Rising is on right now isn't looking too great to be fair.

    Trials Rising really has a lot of potential and it would be a shame to see game like this slowly die out due to people not enjoying the game anymore.

    Please take this post as a positive thing and try to figure out what can be done with the game.
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    Is a Ninja bike top priority? Probably not but for you guys it is, and you should definately get your Ninja bike. Could have had it instead of that shopping cart, but nevermind. We are all the same community, and I do support you chaps.

    Split times for TC tracks and an improvement on the TC feeds for new tracks, as they aren't getting the right exposure. Two things I would like.

    The core of the game is strong, but there is a lot still to be done.

    I'll be here, or if TC is quiet, Evo. Prefer that to Fusion.

    Quick get a doctor, Lionden's unwell.
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    i'm fine now Rude, took my heart meds, lol
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    I respect Blix's comments about the state of ninjas. No doubt they are the small and very active hardcore base. I'm more in Tyrion's camp in that I don't play ninja, and I agree with them that the best foundation would be a wide base. After all, that's where new ninja players and track creators would be born. To that end, general improvements to TC and fixing the base game would be my suggested top priorities.

    1. The game is rated as "Mixed" on Steam, and same for recent reviews. The forum there is full of lingering issues which may only affect a few people, perhaps, but if you're a prospective new buyer looking at all that, you're going to pass. Are RL really content to let that be their forward face to the world for the life of this game? Sadly, it would seem so.

    As soon as the big negative reaction around launch happened they should have ripped lootboxes out of the game and lowered the XP levels for unlocks significantly. The game should never have launched with those systems. If they had done this, they'd be on the path to recovery already. If lootboxes were gone, just increase the Coins from replaying tracks etc. to make up for the lost income.

    I thought I read here that they were going to allow unlocking of leagues by beating University events. Does anyone else remember that? I don't see mention of it in patch notes. If they implemented that, nobody knows about it. The simpler solution is just slash the level numbers where things unlock.

    2. Fix the lingering issues, like the frame rate hitching on PS4 which shouldn't have been in the game at launch, never mind still there 4 months later. Fix the economy issues with the lootboxes (if not removing them, at least fix them, you've already gotten all the bad PR anyway ffs) and Trials Coins. Letting issues linger for months isn't going to encourage retention, quite the opposite. Fix the disappearing Challengers, etc.

    3. I'm concerned about how many good track builders will still be around by the end of the year.

    I can't seem to easily find new TC tracks. Maybe if I create a custom filter, but that stuff should be in the UI already like it was in Fusion. I wonder if creators are put off by the lack of track likes and feedback. There are times I'd like to offer more congratulations than a single thumbs up but I've no idea how to message a creator. Or offer constructive feedback about some part of the track, but all I can do is thumbs up or down. Why can't work in progress tracks go in a separate pool, where friends could test and provide feedback, before uploading to the pool for everyone?
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    Originally Posted by Scruffy McGuffy Go to original post
    I thought I read here that they were going to allow unlocking of leagues by beating University events. Does anyone else remember that? I don't see mention of it in patch notes. If they implemented that, nobody knows about it. The simpler solution is just slash the level numbers where things unlock.
    That definitely did happen one of the first couple patches. They weren't clear in the notes, as it seems they have no intention of being, but they did let TU unlock leagues. You need an A+, so it's a shortcut for the experienced, not really something to entirely undo the generally slow progression. Still, it helps for a while, and multiplayer adds a lot of XP to move things forward if one goes there. If you can't hit that A+, you're stuck with the regular level targets, and I don't think it does anything to get the Mantis earlier. I also think it doesn't actually do anything to tell you there was an unlock after an A+, unlike the normal stadium race league unlock.

    People do know, but only people that it doesn't affect anymore, or someone who got it word-of-mouth. The game still doesn't tell a new player anything about, well, anything. "Contracts exist, you get a crate when you level up, and go!"
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    Tyrian, looking at the negative Steam reviews since May 1st, a lot of them still refer to the slow pace of unlocks and "grind". I surmise a lot of players leave the University until later, and have no idea that it's a shortcut to unlock leagues.
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    To be fair a lot of the negative Steam reviews are also criticize:
    .) Not playable because they only get a max of 60fps.
    .) gambling, lootboxes for real money, p2w crates.
    .) Ninja tracks are "too hard".
    .) "Installs uplay on your pc without telling you" <-copied from a review. lmao
    etc. sure there is reasonable critism too, but there is a lot of trash-review also.
    It is repeating like in fusion. First weeks/months negative, then balanced.

    On topic:
    To be honest i disagree with a lot from the video as a "non-ninja"-rider.
    A example: The 3Videos with the flip.
    Which one is the coolest looking?
    The Rising one, by far.
    Probably not the answer Blixish wanted. :P
    The Evo und Fusion clips, looks smoother though.

    Blixish asked for a open discussion, to improve the game for ninja riders.
    I'm not a ninja rider but it also wouldn't hurt my game experience so i really hope that Redlynx is doing something here, so more poeple can enjoy this great game.
    As a "non ninja" rider i wouldn't mind a "ninja-bike" or an "improved mantis" or something like that.
    Either TC-only or whole-game.
    BUT it has to be free! Or at least "trials coins"-only(and even then, very cheap) so there isn't a whining about a "paywall".
    The whining for the shoppingcart is already huge. Imagin the Outcry from a Mantis 2.0.
    Also it must be available at all tracks where the mantis is.
    This would also encourage me as a non-ninja to try improving my times at the basegame-tracks.
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