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    It's a good idea. It would be funny.
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    There are still just around 20 (?) different Tracks in Global Multiplayer. Could you fix that? I went all the way up from Bronze to Diamond and the Tracks stayed the same.
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    yes had such an amazing time with you in Trials Rising during Season 1 and are sad to say that Season 2 is the ****tiest season since the 11 months i play trials because i am playing the same 10 tracks over and over again the last 3 weeks.
    How about a fix and give us the tracks back we had in season one ?
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    At least they fixed the point system.
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    Originally Posted by LIONDEN1 Go to original post
    At least they fixed the point system.
    Yes, this seems alright now
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    Point system looks fine now indeed, but that's the only good thing about it sadly. I had no problem finding matches/players in season one, even if it was broken you could have your matches and fun until reaching the end screen where the ranking system made no sense. But i was ignoring it from time to time to have a few runs.

    Now it seems that noone is playing when i'm online, i see almost zero players. And when i find people they are usually diamonds or something. Trying to rank up against those, you can tell chances aren't on my side.
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    dont worry about racing someone that is diamond. the system is pretty much designed for the more you play the faster you rank up, unless you get last everytime, lol I've raced Diamond players the have DNF'd at times.
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