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    I bought this game on stream but I don't know what's going on....

    First of all, I'm a Chinese and my English is not so good.Here is my situation.
    I bought this game on stream about half a month ago,Today I installed this game,but it does't start up. I don't know how to upload the screenshot,so I copy the
    Warning:Starting game
    There was a problem authenticating the ownership of this product. Please contact customer support if you need help in solving this problem.

    button1:Ubisoft Support button2:close

    so.....What should I do?Waiting for your help :)
    BTW,I just finished the Far Cry 4 yesterday.....
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    UbiGabrinth's Avatar Ubisoft Support Staff
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    I'm sorry for the delayed reply! I see the game on the Ubisoft account you are using here on the forums. Please close Steam and Uplay entirely. Please then install the latest version of Uplay. Log in with the Ubisoft account you are using here on the forums, and then start up Steam. Launch Far Cry Primal in Steam.

    Does the issue continue?
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    Game doesnt load

    Hey, i got a similar problem, i ve played 55% of the game, today i m trying to load the game, its seems its loading but then just disappear with no error message, i tried to do what u wrote but doesn't work ...
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    We're sorry to hear that, Nunodrake

    Please make sure you have also been through our PC troubleshooting which you can find in the guide here
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