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    Union Update: Anarchist and City Promotion

    Hello friends from the 1800 century ,

    And in celebration of Mercier’s arrival, we also invite you all to participate in our new City Promotion Contest! Together with our friends of Corsair, we ask you to create a video to promote your metropolis.

    Here are the rules:
    – No time limitations but it must be at least 15 seconds long.
    – It should include gameplay content
    – Additionally, you can use video footage of yourself, text mockups or other graphics, audio effects or anything you can think of. Get crazy!
    – It must be a retro style promotion of your city, such as a nice invitation for tourists to visit your city or a full-blown propaganda piece demonstrating that your empire is the one to rule them all!
    Deadline is June 21, and you can link your submissions in the City Promotion thread in the forum or via Twitter mentioning @Anno_EN and the hashtag #Anno1800Anarchy

    The prices that you can win
    So what’s at stake? For the best three entries of the contest, you can win top gaming gear from Corsair to stay ahead of the competition.
    1st Place: K70 RGB MK.2 Keyboard Low Profile
    2nd Place: GLAIVE RGB Gaming Mouse
    3rd Place: MM800 Pro Mousepad

    here you can read the full post of the Anno Union Blog

    if you have any further questions don't hesitate to contact me via. PN or Twitter

    greetings from Mainz,

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    Cant make a video Because there not enough content to make videos longer then 15 sec.
    There is only 1 map campaign where Anno 1404 a game from 2009 had 20 maps and Hours of game play.
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    My entry is in the works right now, really happy your organized this contest
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    I guess i am the first one to post something :-D

    anyway, maybe it inspires some more videos, here it is:


    The video is in german, but i added english subtitles, just in case ;-)

    hope you like it, let me know -


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