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    Cross-Platform Skill Game Controls Problem

    Hi All,

    So I recently made and released a S.P.H.E.R.E style skillgame called 'Up the Creek', however, judging by the leaderboards/replays, non-PS4 players (those on the leaderboard with the Ubisoft logo next to their name) don't appear to have the controls working correctly/at all. This is very disappointing.

    The controls for the sphere were made just using controller inputs and area effectors. It works fine for me and the other PS4 players on the leaderboard, I didn't expect it to work differently depending on platform/console. Is there a reason for this? Does anyone know of any possible solutions/fixes?

    Thanks in advance.
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    I've just checked it on PC. Using a PS4 controller the left stick does nothing and the d-pad directions are all mixed up and none of them make you go forward. Seems like it's definitely a bug. I watched your replay, though and it seems like a very nice looking skill game so I'll look forward to playing it if the problem ever gets fixed.
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    I had this trouble with a skill game in Fusion too, worked fine on PS4 where I built it but once Track Central was made cross-platform I tried it on the PC version and the controller inputs did nothing.
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