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    Hey all,

    Have just seen the movies and available online content for this, and man, does this look good. Extremeley disappointed however that this is being developed solely for the wii.

    Am a staunch PC gamer, don't own a console and wouldn't/ won't buy a wii just to play this game.

    Am I right in saying that others feel the same and tht Ubi, guys, wake up ^^

    You aren't maximising your revenue potential on this game by developing solely for one platform. I played the other tenchu titles on the old ps 1 and loved them to bits, making it for one platform is going to cripple the potential of this already stunning looking game.

    Make for the PC aswell please.

    *EDIT* After posting this, I looked at other threads on this forum, seems others want it for PC aswell!!

    Listen to your consumers and sort it out UBI, you wasting money on just one platform, do you realise the revenue potential on releasing for the PC alone?? Never mind, the ps3, x-box and the others!!

    Shame, shame, How many wii gamers gonna buy this? Those who don't use the wii as an exercise machine or an overpriced karaoke box! haha! Hmm, that leaves maybe 10 - 15 (j/k)

    PC, all the way, thats where its at, and where it will always be...

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    They make so many casual games for the wii that no gamer cares about. This the first game that will be released for gamers on the wii. And the pc gets all the real games that they have been making for the 360/ps3. So stop complaining about this game, because they are going to port it over to the psp. I hope this game is good because if not the last ubisoft game I will buy is going to be No more heroes 2.
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    Its a Wii exclusive probely because Nintendo is paying them for it.

    Ubi is not dumb. PC titles are subject to piracy.
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    siavm123, there are quite a few games for the wii that are very intresting for gamers I find...
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    When you make this game for PC?
    Please, tell the month, day and year.!
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    Ubisoft are useless when it comes to PC games
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    Ofcourse NOT!Tenchu isn't a game for PC.The next tenchu must be released on Playstation 3!
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