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    Developer Update: A Legend of a Week

    Hello everyone! It’s me, Toller , back again with more of the news you’re after! It’s time, once again, for our weekly Developer Update!


    First things first! Here’s our new Weekly Timetable:

    As you can see, we’ve got a jam-packed week ahead of us. We’re starting things off with four 24-hour events in a row! The first three will be card events. On Monday we’ll feature Incan Craig! Tuesday will belong to the Queen of Snakes herself, Meduse Bebe, and Wednesday will be all about Mecha Timmy! Finally, we’ll mix it up with a token event on Thursday, which will showcase the newest card of the bunch, Dragonslayer Red!

    When it comes to the Challenge Mode this week, we’re switching things around again. Last week was all about those Common cards, so this week we’ll be raising all your Legendary cards to level two!

    Once the weekend rolls around we’ll keep that Token event train going full steam, but this time with a focus on the one and only Prince of Darkness! That’s right, it’s a Satan weekend event!

    As always, Team Wars is on-going, so be sure to get your votes in and collect those Bottle Caps!

    The points for the weekend event will be the same as previous token events.


    You’ve probably noticed some new materials popping up in your packs since last week’s update. These will be for the upcoming (and mysterious) fifth theme, so stock up early! You’ll be all set to upgrade right out of the gate!


    As usual, with the upcoming season reset on June 4th, we'll be rolling out some balance changes! Here's the list:

    • The Visitors: Base HP increased from to 70 (from 36) and base ATK increased to 18 (from 12)
    • Alien Drone: Base HP increased to 200 (from 100)
    • Auto-Vacuum (Spawned by Sixth Element Randy and Alien Drone) - base HP increased to 225 (from 175).

    These changes should increase the viability of these cards and the Sci-Fi theme as a whole! If you don't have your hands on the Visitors yet, don't worry, as there will be some chances for EVERYONE to get their hands on them very soon!


    🚨Don’t forget: We have opened the official “South Park: Phone Destroyer Discord Server”. If you’re interested in joining, click HERE.🚨

    Please review the following Terms of Use and Policies before joining the Discord, as you’ll need to agree to these terms before gaining access. 🚨🚨
    🔸Ubisoft Terms of Use: https://legal.ubi.com/termsofuse/
    🔹Ubisoft Privacy Policy: https://legal.ubi.com/privacypolicy/
    🔸Discord Community Guidelines: https://discordapp.com/guidelines
    🔹Discord Terms of Service: https://discordapp.com/terms

    That’s all the news I’ve got to share at the moment. If you have any comments, concerns, or questions, please let us know! We’re always happy to hear from you!

    Until next time, we’ll see you on the streets of South Park!

    Hearts and Hugs,
    -Your Community Team!
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    So the next week there will be announced balance changes? What kind of balance?
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    Hopefully reverting chicken coop back to 3.5 seconds.
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    Is there any point to buying the big offer deals being offered in Cartman's store if we're not in legendary? The card packs all advertise an increased chance to get Incan Craig, but for those of us not in legendary, the chance of an Incan Craig is 0%. Do these offer packs actually have any chance at all of having him if I'm not in legendary?
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    One time I got a satan from a pack and I'm not in legendary. That was a little while ago so things might have changed by then so idk
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    Originally Posted by niccjagger Go to original post
    One time I got a satan from a pack and I'm not in legendary. That was a little while ago so things might have changed by then so idk
    Hard to say, as he was originally locked to arena 1 before he got moved. I think he was there for a month or two.
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    We had a member report today they got Incan from the big offer PVP ticket pack, and they are currently in silver.
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    ANOTHER satan token event... great
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    Any chance of finding out what eternity gems are for?
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    One more satan for level 3. Fingers crossed!
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