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    So on my lunchbreak I'm gonna head into EB (in my case, Gamestop in yours) and plunk down a fin in order to get into the Uncharted2 Multiplayer Demo today. 2 weeks ahead of it's PSN release. I urge any forum members who've been letting their PS3s collect dust to do the same. Actually I dared you already didn't I? It will be worth it.I think all that stuff included in the demo is worth 5 bones for a months play, until the full game launches.

    If you're worried about losing a fin because you don't like the Demo and won't be gettting the game, you're obviously insane and you can just transfer that fiver to a different preorder.

    Also, I got my MAG beta key today, so look for me there as well.
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    I'm downloading the beta now. GOTY
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