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    The lore of AC is about Assassins and Templars.... Plus their ancestors. So, the main focus is de facto the West. The AC Chronicles briefly covered Asia (Russia, China and India, to be specific). The ISU is made up of Indo-European characters, as well. AC began as a eurocentric game and still is... Fans will be alienated if the AC saga goes to Mesoamerica or Japan or anywhere else, outside Europe.
    Regarding the Assassins-Templars, they can easily connect that story to other parts in the world beyond Europe. For example we know they were connected in the Vikings time, and since the Vikings were the first confirmed Europeans to go to the Americas boom they could connect the Americas to it. Likewise the lore has the two helping various clans in Japan's shogunate era so that's really simple. They could connect China with the Three Kingdoms, etc.

    As for the Isu, they could easily establish that the gods in other parts of the world were Isu as well, either other members or the same just called by different names.

    I doubt most fans would be alienated, especially since some areas like Japan have been the most requested since the series began.
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    Hello ninja4hire10,

    Since this is not about Odyssey specifically, I am going to move this to the general AC forum for you.
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    Threads been moved. That's a pity, I was enjoying this one.

    Regarding Southern America. In Blackflag there was a well established Assassin base in Tulum, either mainland central or southern America. What are their origins? I think the 1st settlers came originally from Asia, but then as was mentioned the Vikings were 1st Europeans to discover north America. The Spaniards invaded/colonised parts of south & central. I don't think we have had a Spanish assassin or portugese although there was a brief trip to Lisbon in rogue.
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    Originally Posted by thegardener25 Go to original post
    .... but then as was mentioned the Vikings were 1st Europeans to discover north America..
    Not only discover! They were roaming Canada and USA. [IMG]shorturl.at/oGJL2[/IMG]
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    They went much further than was thought before! Only look how far....(I wouldn't be surprised if their tracks were found in Mexico or in South America.) And some people still call them barbarians. Shame!
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    Originally Posted by ninja4hire10 Go to original post
    I want India at the height of British occupation: huge, lush jungles alive with wildlife. Patches of desert and dense forests. Ancient ruins and tombs to explore. Mythological monsters and Legendary beasts like Bengal tigers, sand boas and leopards. An elephant as a mount. And plenty of sociopolitical intrigue with major political figures just ripe for assassination. And at the center of it all, the Koh-I- Noor artifact. I know India was done as a Chronicles game, and was featured (along with protag Arbaaz Mir) in the Brahman graphic novel, but consider it my official "request."
    I actually love that setting you proposed..my only issue with it - and why I suspect at the very least it wouldn't happen for a while - is how recent the setting is. Didn't British occupation of India start around 1860? That would put the setting around a similar time as Syndicate; the most recent setting yet for a main AC game. Fresh off games based in antiquity the previous two releases, that would be quite a jarring jump forward in time IMO.

    Starting with the original AC in the Crusader age, AC seemed to be following a linear path forward in time from AC1 to Syndicate before hitting the reset button the series needed with a fresh start back in ancient Egypt. Given this, I'd like to see them dabble more in older time periods; either Antiquity more or the Medieval period and slowly move forward again. I think this makes the most sense, instead of random massive leaps forward and backwards in time with every release.

    Personally I'd love to see them re-visit the general setting of the original game, especially given this is the most natural setting for an AC game, when the real life Order of Assassins were in existence. Either way, I can't wait to see where we go next! Good thread idea
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    if you play back AC BF when hacking Oliver PC you will found :-

    patrilineal line:
    fifteenth century - Italian Renaissance
    sixteenth Century - Ottoman Empire
    Eighteenth Century -American Colonies /war for Independence.
    nineteenth century - New England and american Midwest

    Matrilineal line:
    twelfth century - Holy land / Crusades
    Thirteenth century -Egypt and Northern Africa
    Fourteenth century - Ashikaga Shogunate in Japan
    Eighteenth century - France Revolution
    Nineteenth Century -Napoleonic Wars;Taiwan
    Twentieth Century - "summer of love" American Pacific Coast
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