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    I just formatted my HD and reinstalled XP pro. I reinstalled realMyst but it won't start! I just get kicked back to the desktop. Do you guys know what's up?
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    Did you try installing the patch?
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    *sigh* Where's Wstrohm when I need him?

    *waits somewhat patiently*
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    Princess, it sounds like you need to install the Indeo codec. XP doesn't have it by default like Windows 95/98 did, and realMYST needs it.

    Here's a link - be sure to check for virus as with any executable:


    Save, scan, and run it. You should be moving about Myst shortly thereafter.

    NOTE: I mistakenly posted an incorrect link. It was for other Indeo applications and not appropriate for the situation here. My sincere apologies for any inconvenience. The link has been corrected.
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    Aha! Solution! (maybe). PX, if this works, please do let us know, because there've been other people asking similar questions in other Myst forums.
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    Heuris! Great to see you! Thanks for swooping in with some advice! I'll let you guys know how it goes -- hopefully I can get to this after work today.
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    Ok, that's weird -- I could *swear* that I posted something here already. Hmmm...can a person even *have* "senior moments" in their 30's?

    Anyway, I tried installing the Indeo codec, but I got a window telling me I already have a more recent version on my computer. So no dice.
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    Humble apologies Princess and all concerned

    I just realized the link I posted earlier was the wrong one. It was an older and more sophisticated package, and somewhere in the past I put it in the wrong folder.

    The link's been corrected to the single, easy install, uncomplicated Indeo 5.11 codec needed to play realMYST on Windows XP.

    Princess, I'm not sure what to suggest at the moment, since by the message you received trying to install the old Indeo package it appears you already have the version the link now points to. I've done many XP reinstalls, and realMYST has always exhibited the symptoms you described until the Indeo 5.11 codec was installed. I'm looking for my notes on unusual/troublesome installations of realMYST to recall other possible solutions....
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    Well, the current version of Indeo codec installed with no complaints, but the game still won't start. I even reinstalled the game just to be safe. I can't imagine what it wants!
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