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    AC VR Escape Rooms

    Just seen Advertisements on Assassin’s Creed VR Escape Rooms and think they look totally wild and seem fun to get into. I think the idea of VR Escape Rooms are great n all- but was wondering if this experience could be made accessible to anyone or everyone capable of purchasing it as additional content on their respective consoles. Not everyone can travel to where these “select” locations are. I am asking this because I’ve played every AC game out there(including mobile), I also have a VR set up as well and feel totally left out of this experience lol .. Does anyone else share my views on this?
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    I asked one of the Community Representatives about this, and it appears that there are currently no plans on bringing this to home platforms.
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    That’s a bummer. It looks like a great time. That’s too bad. Thanks for the reply cawatrooper9!
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