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    MrBones_187 Custom Track Emporium

    Hello fellow Trials enthusiasts, I'm MrBones. Some of you might remember me from the old redlynx forum back in the HD/Evo days.To be completely honest I wasn't a big fan of fusion and I felt like Ubisoft had gotten to far away from what I love about the Trials franchise but Rising was their redemption. With that out of the way, it feels good to get back into the community once again. I'm just a builder at heart and always have been. I'll try to post all track videos at the top of this post or at least all together in 1 convenient place. As always any and all feedback is very greatly appreciated and also key to becoming a better builder. Thanks for your time and enjoy.
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    Track vids here

    MrB - Ace Chemicals (April 28th 2019)

    MrB - Nightmare Factory ( April 29th 2019)

    MrB - Boot Camp HD Remix (May 9th 2019)

    Mrb - House of Horror's + HD Remix (May 24th 2019)

    MrB - 1 Bit trip HD Remix (May 27th 2019)

    MrB- Brand New Nightmare (June 14th 2019)

    MrB - The Courtyard (Aug, 12th 2019)
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    New Track MrB - Ace Chemicals (April 28th 2019)

    New track posted its called MrB - Ace Chemicals. Its a medium track thats kind of a shorty. just a quick ride thru Ace Chemicals but your no Joker. Please remember the large vats are NOT for swimming, unless you wanna look like Mr.J...
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    D2Dahaka's Avatar Senior Member
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    Greetings stranger. Good to see another old timer still around. Will check out your builds for sure.
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    Thanks D2, Once trials in your blood its hard to walk away but Fusion almost broke me lol lookin forward to the future of Rising.
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    New Track: MrB - Nightmare Factory (April 29th 2019)

    New track is now posted, it's a hard track with a bit of tech flow thats called MrB - Nightmare Factory. Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen to the World Famous Nightmare Factory. Loaded with twists and turns, not to mention surprises... Do you think you can survive all it's tricks? Oh and you may want to watch out for those pesky blooddragons...
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    New Track MrB - Boot Camp HD Remix (May 9th 2019)

    New track posted, it's a remake of Boot Camp from HD. I tried to stay as close to the original as possibe so check it out and as always any an all feedback is very greatly appreciated. Enjoy
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    UbiSc0ttie's Avatar Community Representative
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    We definitely loved the Boot Camp remix!

    - Scottie
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    New Track MrB - House of Horror's HD Remix ( May 24th 2019 )

    Just posted a newTrials HD remix, House of Horrors +. It has a 1 bit trip remix hidden somewhere inside if anybody wants to try an find it. If you do find it let me know cause after enuff people do I plan on updating a vid under the op that has the 2nd track included. I hope you all enjoy and as always any an all feeback is very greatly appreciated.
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    New Track MrB - 1 Bit trip HD Remix (May 27th 2019)

    New track is posted called MrB - 1 Bit trip, it's another remake of a Trials HD classic. I think I may lay off the remix tracks for a bit and focus on more original ideas. Enjoy and let me know what you think.
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